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PolyGene AG

PolyGene is a privately held research institute, located near Zurich, Switzerland, that offers state-of-the-art transgenic animal model development services to a worldwide research clientele.

Founded in 2002, PolyGene is run by an international team of scientists with academic and industrial backgrounds, having notable track records in mouse transgenesis as well as in business management.

The focus of the business is on finding and nurturing productive research collaborations that promote scientific advances.


PolyGene has a fully functional production site for the establishment of transgenic and knockout mouse lines, and also offers co-development opportunities in model building, including also rat and rabbit models. The entire site is owned and used exclusively by PolyGene, and is maintained and further developed continuously to highest standards. It is one of the most preferred, leading professional transgenic services in the world, with over 430 completed customer projects and more than 1000 individual mouse lines generated to date.

PolyGene’s strong IP portfolio includes patent rights on innovative antibiotic-inducible expression systems, and additional proprietary technologies in the broader field of mammalian gene regulation. The larger part of PolyGene’s research team is focused on the further development of these.

Recently, PolyGene started to market materials for gene-targeting lab work. An animal- and bacterial-free bioreactor system allows for producing highly pure, high-quality and end cost effective factors for tissue culture work.


PolyGene’s mission is continuously to improve cost-efficiency and develop tools that better meet the needs of scientists in transgenic research. This mission is embodied in three core values:

Quality and Reliability

PolyGene recruits highly qualified people worldwide. Scientific teams are motivated to adopt new techniques and embrace an ethos that emphasizes constant development of skills and abilities through continuous education and a relentless search for the most advanced technologies.

PolyGene also fosters a team spirit built on good communication, personal integrity and individual responsibility.

Quality control is based on nurturing excellent relationships with key researchers in the field of transgenesis, sharing insights on troubleshooting and technological advances, as well as strict adherence to any standard operating procedures that apply with meticulous documentation to industry standards. Researchers are careful to generate fully secured backup solutions.

PolyGene investment strategies focus on delivering highest quality standard results, efficient software systems and state-of-the-art instruments for excellent handling of molecular- and cell-biology procedures, as well as optimal animal care.


With an ambitious R&D program part supported by the EU, PolyGene is committed to invent, develop, and harness most advanced technologies in genetics and related fields.

Amongst other achievements, PolyGene has worked on targeting the Y chromosome, developing tissue specific and inducible expression systems offering gene targeting or transgenesis in rat or rabbit.

It has followed many of these innovative paths by collaborating and co-developing with key researchers in the field.

Cost Efficiency

PolyGene ensures efficient and affordable services offering maximum value for money by working harder and smarter, with systematic quality control, continuous optimization of manufacturing processes, and the use of advanced lab techniques and management tools.


PolyGene offers five main groups of services:

Inducible expression systems

PolyGene can supply two distinct, antibiotic-driven transgene expression systems for application in inducible transgenic mouse model projects.

  • De-Repressor models with antibiotic (EON and PON)
  • De-Activator models without antibiotic (EOFF & POFF)

In addition, PolyGene has developed the innovative AIR acetaldehyde-inducible transgenesis system, as well as hormone-inducible expression systems (RU486).

Major benefits of PolyGene’s inducible expression systems include a wide variety of pre-developed configurations to suit specific applications, full patent coverage rights and proven high fold-induction (i.e. dose-dependent and reversible).

Gene Targeting

PolyGene provides a complete range of gene targeting services in mice, including the full scope of target modification to generate constitutive or conditional knockouts, knock-ins of mutant alleles, or humanized genes, or marker genes. PolyGene specializes in difficult-to-achieve targetings, such as the manipulation of repetitive genes, large targets, or unusual modifications. PolyGene is also invested in nuclease-based targeting technologies such as TALEN and others.

Depending on requirements, PolyGene can generate a mouse model with a specifically altered gene on a specified strain background or process certain steps of that procedure. PolyGene will also microinject clones from commercial sources.

Transgenic animals

PolyGene offers services for the production of animals carrying foreign genes in a predefined manner: as tissue-specific genes, as single-copy or multi-copy cluster, as fusion genes, or in inducible or repressible form.

PolyGene uses proven and innovative methods to speed development of comprehensive projects, as well as milestone steps for partial services, such as microinjection or vector construction.

Designed genes or BACs are injected into the pronucleus of the oocyte to integrate randomly into the genome.

Microinjection services cover a variety of strains, including C57BL/6, FVB and CB6F2 mice, as well as Sprague Dawley rats.

The main advantage of these techniques is shortened development time, with complete development of transgenic mouse line reduced to six months. Level and pattern of the transgene expression can vary due to unknown copy number and integration site, which makes it necessary to analyze several independent transgenic lines.

EU partnering

PolyGene is configured to contribute actively as an R&D intensive SME partner to EU projects such as HORIZON 2020, Eurostars, IMI projects, etc.

PolyGene is a leading partner in several EU FP7 HEALTH projects, including:

  • CarTarDis: The Cardiovascular Target Discovery project sets out to advance the development of CVD medicines by discovery and validation of novel therapeutic targets.
  • SYBIL: Studying the genetic causes of both rare and common skeletal diseases in order to gain a better understanding of the disease processes and age-related changes and to deliver new and validated therapeutic targets.
  • TumAdoR: A consortium focusing on development of human therapeutic monoclonal antibodies efficiently neutralizing a novel immunosuppressive pathway involved in a wide range of cancers.
  • CAM-PaC: Adopting a strongly SME-driven approach to contribute to solving the socioeconomic and health challenges of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma through integrative and systematic functional analysis of pancreatic cancer candidate genes.
  • EUTrigTreat: The EUTrigTreat project investigates arrhythmia initiating mechanisms (Triggers) and addresses therapeutic strategies (Treatments) through translational and interdisciplinary strategies.

Speed congenics

PolyGene’s GenoMouse™ service offers a tetranucleotide microsatellite-based screening of the mouse genetic background, aimed at users of genetically modified mice and mouse breeders. The screening is achieved using sets of 96 markers evenly dispersed in a distance of 20 cM (≈ 20-40 Mbases) over the 19 autosomal chromosomes.

This provides an excellent tool for mouse geneticists to optimize the backcrossing process in congenic mouse breedings, halving the time needed to obtain suitable mouse lines and ensuring breeding success, with consequent substantial savings in animal maintenance.

In addition, GenoMouse™ is a valuable tool for genetic background testing in strain quality control.

To learn more about PolyGene’s capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact the company directly.

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