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PolyCrystalLine S.R.L.

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PolyCrystalLine has established itself as a prominent company in terms of research and characterization of solid-state compounds particularly in the pharmaceutical field.

We have a university background that we have built upon to form a business. We have combined our academic knowledge with business skills. By employing our close relationship with the academic field we can use an original, forward-thinking approach to solve scientific, patenting and commercial problems.

We have built up vast experience in the characterization of solid-state compounds and the study of polymorphism has guided us to the development of explicit and adaptable research protocols. The protocols can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We have the ability to fulfil the most diverse research needs and budget requirements, from comprehensive analysis of APIs and compounds/solvates to rapid low cost screening and studies that involve patent issues.

Some of PolyCrystalLine clients include AET, Bracco, Chemi, DeveloPharma, Dipharma, Novartis, Polpharma, Rivopharm and Zach System.

PolyCrystalLine can provide crystallization process utilising a modular approach that ranges from milligrams to half kilogram scale. PolyCrystalLine provides knowledge in regards to the optimization of different parameters during the crystallization processes to achieve a crystal form, yield, particle size, etc.

PolyCrystalLine investigates the thermal behaviour of pharmaceutical compounds through a wide range of methods including X-ray powder diffraction, calorimetric, thermogravimetric and evolved gas analysis.

The Italian Health Department for Good Laboratory Practice certification has been inspected and approved PolyCrystalLine s.r.l.

PolyCrystalLine offers the analysis and study of highly potent drugs up to Class 3.

The GLP certification contains particle size distribution analysis, FT-IR (quantitative/qualitative), X-ray powder diffraction analysis (quantitative/qualitative), particle size distribution analysis, melting point and Karl Fischer.


To learn more about PolyCrystalLine's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact PolyCrystalLine directly.

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