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CCL Label Dresden

Pharma Druck CDM GmbH, also known as Pharma Druck Dresden, specializes in secondary packaging printed materials for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries.

This family-owned company produces a wide range of labels, leaflets, mini-booklets and other products from its modern plant in Ottendorf-Okrilla, near Dresden.

Over 20 years, Pharma Druck Dresden has developed leading edge, competent and reliable services harnessing the latest printing and packaging technologies to provide innovative and highly tailored solutions to the highest international quality standards.

The company currently produces 200 million labels, 200 million package inserts and 30 million mini-brochures annually.


Pharma Druck Dresden products meet the specialized requirements of pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, with printed materials that conform to particular dimensions, format types, production tolerances, quality requirements, and safety aspects. Pharma Druck markets products in three main categories.


Pharma Druck Dresden prints labels in to a very wide range of format, colour, material and adhesive specifications. Special labels can be produced to individual requirements, such as lamination or included holograms. The company’s computer controlled printing machines can produce special label formats such as shrink sleeves or inmoulds. Finished labels are delivered on rolls or sheets in required forms and colours, and numbered where necessary.

Main label choices include:

  • Labels on rolls
  • Labels on sheets
  • Labels with a special layer
  • Single- and multi-layer labels
  • Booklet labels
  • Braille labels
  • Vignettes
  • Wet-adhesive labels
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Inmoulds
Packaging Inserts

Pharma Druck Dresden can provide informational inserts folded to fit any packaging, ranging from package inserts for medicines or cosmetics to small sweepstakes cards for direct attachment to product. All materials are manufactured in all possible formats and colours using state-of-the-art printing, folding and punching machines. Standard products include special folded formats such as inserts, outserts and wrapserts down to a minimal finished format of 25 x 25 millimeters, equipped with adhesive points or cap labels. Products can be supplied in fully finished form or on rolls or sheets for further processing in client packaging plants.

Main package insert categories include:

  • Package inserts on rolls
  • Package inserts on sheets
  • Inserts
  • Outserts
  • Wrapserts

Providing consumer information in small, handy booklet or mini-booklet format can enhance product appeal as well as regulatory compliance for readability. Pharma Druck booklets are designed to be reader-friendly and provide quick and convenient orientation.

With up to 388 pages in all colours and a wide variety of formats, these give clients maximum scope to present even the most extensive information. Modern binding machines guarantee high quality glued or spiral binding, with subsequent punching to precisely specified format. Pharma Druck’s purpose-designed and fully automated confectioners can combine booklets with accordion-fold brochures, labels or other print collateral. Upon request, the company can also bind books with spines of up to 50 mm in thickness.

Main booklet categories include:

  • Mini booklets
  • Brochures with a format up to DIN A4
  • Mini booklets with fold-out pages
  • Mini booklets combined with other printing goods
Quality Standards

Pharma Druck Dresden emphasizes quality, reliability and on-time delivery. Its quality assurance system is based on DIN EN ISO 9001 and integrates the WHO’s strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, with quality assured via in-process checks, line clearance and optoelectronic image comparison, for example.

All production steps are documented electronically. All materials used, from the initial material to the finished product, can be traced using barcodes, with data retained for years after delivery.


To learn more about Pharma Druck Dresden’s capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact Pharma Druck Dresden directly.

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