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Nordic BioSite AB


Established in the late 1990s, Nordic BioSite has become recognized as an industry leading innovative and customer-responsive supplier of high quality validated biotechnology products for research, diagnostics, immunology and molecular biology.

Nordic BioSite also operates as a CRO through its Finnish-based cGLP laboratory, BioSiteHisto. This offers a wide range of leading-edge research-based custom laboratory services including histology, immunochemistry, in vitro research and testing, antibody optimization, antibody conjugation and predesigned adenylated linkers for Next Generation sequencing.

The company serves pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and academic organizations with tens of thousands of different products in more than 30 different groups, ranging from antibodies to genetic vectors. These are sourced from selected manufacturers and laboratories in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Nordic BioSite continuously introduces new products as a result of its own R&D, leveraged by close partnerships with manufacturers and feedback from customers.

Nordic BioSite’s company strapline, By Your Side™, defines a company ethos of partnering life science customers, helping to find the right products and services to help reach chosen goals across the whole spectrum of biotech research areas.


Nordic BioSite offers more than 800,000 different products, categorized into more than 20 different product types, including:

Antibiotics & Culture Media
Antibodies Isotype Control
Antibodies Primary
Antibodies Secondary
Assay & Detection
Buffers & Mixes
Chemicals & Biochemicals
Kits & Panels
Nanoparticles & Beads
Plastics & Consumables
Primers & Probes
Proteins & Peptides
Sample Preparation
Serum & Plasma
Tissues & Slides
Vectors & Plasmids

Nordic BioSite supplies products that are trusted by leading laboratories working across the whole spectrum of life sciences, including antibodies and reagents, angiogenesis, cell death, cell signaling, cellular stress, cytokines and chemokines, epigenetics, immunology, pathology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience and stem cell research.


Nordic BioSite, together with its sister laboratory, BioSiteHisto, offer a wide range of custom services that are fully compliant with international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. These services fall into nine principal categories:

Assay Development Services: based on easy to use, precise, sensitive kits for small molecular weight molecules developed by partner Arbor Assays. These assays utilize the most appropriate technology, color, fluorescence or chemiluminescence, to achieve optimumanalytical outcome.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC): processes for localizing proteins in the cells of tissue sections by exploiting the principle of antibodies binding to specific antigens. These form key new tools in both early research and later stage development. Nordic BioSite offers a comprehensive range of IHC protocols for over 140 antibodies.

Antibody Production: including full service for the customized production of proprietary monoclonal and polyclonal optimized antibodies, Optibodies™, leveraged from IHC expertise and flexible protocols to provide markers that can be infinitely tuned to the clinical and diagnostic needs of individual projects.

Histology: an extensive range of high-quality histology services including human and animal hard and soft tissue processing, preparation and sectioning. BioSiteHisto can offer quantitative analyses using stereological principles and extensive experience in both routine and special double or multiple stainings, as well as an excellent selection of antibodies for xenograft studies by human, rabbit or mouse cells.

In-vitro Research: modern in-vitro methods for safety and efficacy studies. Tools for in vitro research include a wide range of cell lines and primary cells, from monolayer cultures of single cell types to 3D models of skin, cornea, and other tissues.

In-vitro Testing: OECD- and scientifically-validated in vitro tests performed to cGLP standards for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. These include tests for skin corrosion (OECD 431),skin irritation(OECD 439), human ocular irritation, cytotoxicity and dermal photoxicity.

Recombinant Protein Expression Services: a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression systems from gene synthesis to protein expression/purification. These services offer the most up-to-date products available to ensure optimal protein yields.

Customer Peptide Synthesis: a full spectrum of high-quality custom peptide synthesis services. These draw on two decades of experience in both routine and more challenging peptides, employing synthesis methods and purification strategies that yield products of ultra-high quality and purity.

ELISA testing: a wide range of modern enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays tailored to specific customer needs, using sophisticated multi well plate formats, combined with fluorescence, luminometric and absorbance detection techniques. Expert researchers can construct custom made assays from distinct sample types and samples from different species.

Background & structure Director Yvonne Zar Berglund founded Nordic BioSite AB on January 1, 1997, focused on supplying top-quality research & diagnostic products.

Over the past decade, the company has expanded rapidly, adding subsidiaries in Denmark (Nordic BioSite ApS, 2008), Finland (Nordic BioSite Oy, 2009), and Norway (Nordic BioSite AS, 2010). The company has also established a U.S. sales subsidiary, Nordic BioSite Inc., at Plymouth Meeting, PA.

In October 2012, Nordic BioSite acquired the respected Histo laboratory in Tampere, Finland, to form its clinical research subsidiary, BioSiteHisto.

BioSiteHisto Oy
Niittyhaankatu 20
33720 Tampere
Tel: +358 20 7432 000
Fax: +358 20 7432 001

Ms. Zar Berglund and Nordic BioSite have been nominated for numerous awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Sweden (2012); Beautiful Business Award (2011); Gasell Award (2011); ÅretsSuperföretag Swedish Super Company (2010 and 2011).

Quality & certification

Since 2012, Nordic BioSite has been certificated as meeting ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management.

The BioSiteHisto laboratory is fully compliant with Good Laboratory Practice standards (cGLP).Contact To learn more about Nordic BioSite products and services and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier directly.

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