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NL Biotechnologies LLC

NL Biotechnologies is a leading biotechnology company specializing in recombinant viral hepatitis vaccine development.

Founded in USSR in the late 1980s by Dr. Nikolai Granovski, NL Biotechnologies now has research laboratories in the US, Mexico and Russia. Its breakthrough research in the field of viral hepatitis has resulted in the development of the technology for a hepatitis B vaccine which has been successfully implemented on three continents and nearly 100 million newborns and adults have been vaccinated.

As part of NL Biotechnologies’ ongoing dedication to the development of a natural solution for viral hepatitis – and ultimately eradicate viral hepatitis worldwide – it is currently committed to the pre-marketing development of novel vaccines for 4G Hepatitis B vaccine, Hepatitis C vaccine and Hepatitis E vaccine. To aid this development, NL Biotechnologies actively seek to establish partnerships with organisations with the necessary expertise to develop its vaccines beyond the laboratory phase.


To learn more about NL Biotechnologies' services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact NL Biotechnologies directly.

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