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Micro-Macinazione S.A.

Micro-Macinazione is a Swiss company providing micronization services and technologies for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry.

With more than 40 years of experience in micronization, we use our own engineering and process competencies for supporting customers by providing contract micronization as well as design and supply of jet-mills and containment systems (glove-box isolators).

Micro-Macinazione works with more than 200 customers worldwide, including most of the largest pharma multinational companies.

The Key to Our Success

Our process expertise in micronizing pharmaceutical active ingredients and engineering competencies, built up over four decades, together with our production capacity that exceeds 1,000 tonnes per year, secure us a competitive advantage in the strategic sector of micronization.

Micro-Macinazione has 3 facilities, two fully cGMP production sites (one mile apart) regularly inspected by FDA and Swiss Medic and certified by Japanese Authorities and an engineering building where we design and manufacture jet-mills and containment systems (glove-box isolators) for internal use and for international sales.

Micronization Services

In the two production sites we have 21 spiral and 7 opposite jet-mills installed, together with a number of rigid and flexible glove-boxes, according to the product’s containment requirements. Any product is classified before processing and a suitable containment system to be used is determined. Installations for micronizing products with OEL up to 0.2 µg/m3 are currently available. We have dedicated units for steroids and high barrier containment for handling cytotoxic compounds.

We offer jet-mills of different sizes where we can process from grams to tons of APIs under cGMP conditions. Micronization in cryogenic conditions (liquid nitrogen) can be performed for stability reasons or for managing solid state transition during particle size reduction.

Both sites have quality control (QC) labs to monitor particle size, equipped with laser diffraction and other analytical tools. The QC teams are experienced in developing and validating analytical methods according to standard quality procedures, which include analytical transfer studies based on specific customer’s requirements.

Design and Supply of Equipment

We design and manufacture jet-mills (spiral and opposite) of different sizes and rigid or flexible containment systems for aseptic handling of sterile material.

We can offer to our clients both standard and innovative fully customized equipment according to customer’s requirements.

Our engineering team (20 people) includes experts for equipment qualification and FAT / SAT activities.

Our R&D Team – Another good reason for choosing Micro-Macinazione

A team of engineers and chemists with a deep experience in particle size design assists our customers in solid state characterization and improvement of physical properties of products during the pharmaceutical development phase or during process optimization.

Our R&D team is engaged in finding new approaches to micronization (e.g. co-micronization) and is continuously working to identify new technological trends and innovative jet-mill solutions.

We cover the entire life cycle of finished drugs from first clinical trials up to the launch of products, in fact we are often involve customers in the micronization of trial batches of NCEs where particle size and process are to be defined.


To learn more about Micro-Macinazione's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact Micro-Macinazione directly.

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