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ISOCHEM S.A.S. is a contract manufacturer with a 40-year track record in providing high quality fine chemistry ingredients and substances and mastering complex processes. The company can manufacture products and provide services to the most recent and stringent pharmaceutical regulatory standards.

ISOCHEM serves a broad range of customers in many application fields, from leading global companies to virtual and emerging organizations.


ISOCHEM offers services in three pharma-related types.

Custom Synthesis

ISOCHEM offers GMP-compliant and other types of industrial custom synthesis. It can provide tailored services that range from development to production, including route selection, process and analytical development as well as process optimization for fine chemicals, advanced intermediates, active ingredients and functional ingredients.

ISOCHEM can manage the entire life cycle of products from early concept, from development stages, registration to commercial launch and mature market supply, delivering substantial improvements in manufacturing and adding value through reduced capital and operating costs.

ISOCHEM’s customized project and quality management systems provide clients with unique control over all steps of a project.

Rare Know How in Chemical Manufacturing

ISOCHEM offers renowned skills in multi-step chemical synthesis including the safe implementation of hazardous reactions such as phosgenation, bromination, nitration, cryogenic reaction and high-pressure hydrogenation. It can also safely implement hazardous reactions.

The company can implement all the key chemical reactions classically used in multi-step synthesis and offers clients the high technical expertise needed to differentiate products.

Catalogue Products

ISOCHEM can supply more than 2,300 specific compounds and products, including phosgene derivatives, functional intermediates and active ingredients. These play an important role in the development of novel healthcare, functional and specialty products.

ISOCHEM can also provide attractive synthetic tools such as activated aminoacids building blocks (N-CarboxyAnhydride) used in peptide chemistry.

Structure and Facilities

Founded in the 1970s, ISOCHEM is an international company with some 350 employees worldwide. The Head office is located near Paris, in Vert-Le-Petit, France, on one of ISOCHEM’s five manufacturing sites. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich-based Aurelius AG.

ISOCHEM facilities offer clients a range of attractive multipurpose industrial capacity to host their production.

Five manufacturing sites provide total reaction capacity of 350m3, with 250m3 located on the company’s three cGMP plants. Four French sites are accompanied by Wychem in the UK, producing a large range of aromatic compounds.

Core know how in versatile chemistry and hazardous reactions is supported by specific facilities with plants offering a wide range of temperatures, from -70oC to 250oC, pressures of up to 40 bars and a large range of glass lined and stainless steel vessels, from 100 liters to 25,000L, coupled with equipment for liquid and solid purification and separation.


To learn more about ISOCHEM’s capabilities and how they can assist your business, contact ISOCHEM directly.

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