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IntroTech is a cold chain logistics specialist supplier and consultant that offers monitoring and management technologies and solutions. IntroTech products enable clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food clients to monitor and protect their temperature-controlled shipping and storage.

With almost 15 years of experience, IntroTech is highly expert in every aspect of maintaining control and security over the cold chain with its advanced ranges of indicators, data loggers, wireless monitoring solutions and calibration services. It also offers cloud-based data storage and expert consultancy services.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

In the pharmaceutical industry, a significant proportion of the most advanced and highest value products now tend to be based on biotechnologies and highly bioavailable active ingredients that require very careful temperature control to preserve safety and potency.

Close control of the cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry is also crucial to comply with regulatory standards and to maintain product safety.

For pharma and biotech clients, IntroTech offers a range of technologically advanced and highly relevant services and solutions.

Temperature monitoring indicators

IntroTech can help pharma and biotech clients check, test and monitor their supply chains and temperature-controlled environments and logistics facilities with a range of robust, sensitive and economical temperature indicators.

These can be deployed directly to product and storage packages to provide timely warning of high and low temperature excursions, as well as time temperature abuse, providing a direct monitoring and regulatory compliance audit trail at every stage of the logistics chain.

Data loggers

IntroTech’s range of compact and low cost data loggers help ensure total protection for temperature sensitive consignments by accompanying them on every stage of their journey to provide verifiable documented data that they have remained within required temperature limits and to warn when they are in danger.

These economical but highly capable devices are designed to plug in to a standard PC or laptop via USB and to provide downloadable reports in pdf form. Alarm functions will provide instant notification when predefined high to low temperature limits are in danger of being exceeded.

Wireless solutions

IntroTech is a specialist in helping clients deploys advanced wireless and web-based automated temperature monitoring and integration to provide remote and centrally controlled 24/7 oversight of temperature controlled facilities and consignments. These use advanced devices capable of constantly monitoring temperatures with reporting, storage of calibration data, corrective actions and notification functions that can all be remotely accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone over web-based and Wi-fi WAN and LAN networks. These systems provide instant warning for temperature or security breaches’ via email, SMS or direct warning voice call.

These solutions use TempTrak™ technologies that are the world’s most trusted systems in hospitals, warehouses and the pharmaceutical industry.

Consultancy Services

Over almost two decades working as Cold Chain specialists, IntroTech has encountered almost every type of issue concerning storage and shipping of temperature-controlled products.

IntroTech Consultancy Services makes this expertise available to clients to help clients resolve technical and compliance issues. These include:

  • Temperature mapping: multi location measurement with collection and aggregation of data and recording of events to provide centralized monitoring and control over total areas and facilities.
  • Temperature registration: Close indication, monitoring and logging of individual products or packages to generate fully documented records that can be used to generate documentation and records for future analysis, reference and for compliance purposes.
Technical and product support

IntroTech works closely with leading manufacturers such as 3M, Escort and Cooper-Atkins, each one selected for its technical and market leadership in a particular field. By specializing in particular ranges, IntroTech has become highly expert in backing up its products with technical support. Because cold chains never sleep and maintaining continuous flow is essential, IntroTech offers 24/7 customer service.

Other Industries

IntroTech provides a similar range of services to other industries that rely on temperature-controlled shipping storage.

Chemicals: Many chemical compounds require to be kept at defined temperature ranges to maintain optimum properties and safety. IntroTech helps the industry maintain precise temperature range during shipping and storage. Its technologies can identify where temperature sensitive chemicals have been exposed to critical levels. They can also make it much easier for manufacturers to maintain compliance with regulations.

Food and Biologicals: All biological products, from food to life-sciences samples, etc., are temperature sensitive with shelf life, toxicity and safety as paramount concerns. The need to protect consumers places compliance and regulatory emphasis on HACCP hazard-reduction methodologies. IntroTech supports these with technologies that monitor the cold chain at every stage and provide complete audit trails.

Quality & certification

IntroTech possesses ISO9001 and ISO 14001 status for quality and has been granted EC authorized economic operator (AEO) certification for customs security and safety. Its strict compliance with regulation and quality standards is also reflected in industry-wide expertise that can be passed on to clients.

IntroTech is also an environmentally conscious company dedicated to low-carbon operations and sustainability. This ethos extends to every aspect or operations from stringent waste collection and recycling to use of hybrid vehicles.


To learn more about IntroTech products and services and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier directly.

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