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Harro Höfliger

Harro Höfliger is one of the world's most innovative and highly regarded manufacturers of specialized pharmaceutical and medical packaging machinery. The family-owned company is headquartered at Allmersbach-im-Tal, near Stuttgart in the southwest German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Under its corporate banner of ‘All You Need’, Harro Höfliger specializes in providing a fully designed and engineered total solution approach. This ethos is driven both by customer focus and internal teamwork between complementary business units that specialize in every part of the pharma production process.


Harro Höfliger originally founded his company to refurbish and sell cartoning machines, going on to successfully implement increasingly complex process lines in the food sector before expanding into the pharmaceutical packaging sector in the mid-1980s. The company then built a respected specialization in high-precision capsule filling and weighing machines. Today, almost 90 per cent of Harro Höfliger’s business is concentrated in the pharma, medical and chemical industries.

At the beginning of the 1990s, recognizing the potential of web processing production machines, Harro Höfliger embraced new drug delivery possibilities with machinery that could deliver active ingredient strips, dissolvable films and system patches, as well as new possibilities in medical wound care.

Over the past two decades, Harro Höfliger’s pharmaceutical products, ranging from solids production to inhaler products and end of line packaging have increasingly become modular building blocks to form complete high-speed automated end-to-end pharma production systems.

The company now employs some 800 people at two production sites and has worldwide sales of some €150m annually. Recently, ownership was transferred to a family foundation to ensure Harro Höfliger’s long-term stability and focus.

Business Units

Harro Höfliger’s pharmaceutical activities are organized under a number of Business Units focusing on different product lines.

Pharma Solid

Harro Höfliger brings an innovative and highly effective dimension to production of solid pharmaceuticals. These range from laboratory scale bench top capsule and drum fillers through to Modu-C capsule filling machines, ranging from 25,000 to 200,000 capsules per hour, complemented by automated weight and mass control checking machines, such as Omnicontrol and Accura-C.

Pharma Solid also supplies solutions to special applications, such as its distinctive RecyCap machine that can recover product from capsules in faulty batches or partial test runs.


Harro Höfliger is a market leader in the technologies required to assemble and package precisely dosed and controlled powder or liquid inhalation products. BU Inhalation experts use appropriate dosing systems and modular clean room technologies to develop packaging solutions. They can supply modular and flexible production platforms that can be combined to achieve the necessary processes and desired outputs, including integration of upstream and downstream production systems (including end of line packaging).

Harro Höfliger Inhalation systems have been used in a wide range of applications including production of powder disks, blister strips, inhalers and powder cartridges.

Web Converting

Harro Höfliger web processing enables sustainable and highly cost-effective manufacture of products such as ODF oral dissolvable films, TTS/TDS transdermal therapeutic products, strips and modern wound care as well as products for ostomy and incontinence or PSA-based tape applications.

Web converting production platforms provide individual system solutions for product assembly – from startup scale to series production with highest possible output. The customers hereby benefit from a platform technology that is modular and flexible in design.


Harro Höfliger also delivers packaging machines that can master even the most unusual of packaging requirements. The company’s packaging portfolio includes horizontal cartoning and toploading systems, wallet, pouch and blister machines along with machinery for processing carton blanks and end of line combination and final packaging systems.

The company can also offer turnkey project solutions, realizing linked product lines all the way through to final combination and packaging.

Assembly Automation

Harro Höfliger has developed a wider range of standardized and proven continuous rotary motion platforms with intermittent rotary and oval motion machines and intermittent longitudinal transports plus tray handling feeders.

Enabling these different systems to plug together opens the door to building individual system automation solutions that combine modular and flexible platforms to achieve desired output. This includes linking upstream and downstream production systems including packaging machines. All system design is based on four fundamentals:

  • Assembly movements at high speeds and output
  • Possibility of complex motion profiles
  • Smooth sequences
  • Long service life with low energy consumption and low maintenance
Pharma Liquid / Aseptic

All liquid-filled devices, whether inhalation, injection, oral or subcutaneous administration, depend on precise dosing to achieve optimal quality. Harro Höfliger has the experience necessary for to deliver customer specific projects with integrated liquid dosing. The company can integrate clean room designs such as Laminar Flow, oRABS or cRABS into complete systems based on liquids filling sealing and closing platforms, aseptic pouching and double bagging systems and fully automatic liquid filling production platforms that allow the integration of many complex technologies and processes without having to “reinvent the wheel” each time. These processes include:

  • Filling of liquid and powder using different dosing technologies under aseptic conditions
  • Foil handling, punching and sealing, in intermittent or continuous motion
  • Labeling, marking and printing, including inspection system
  • Welding and crimping processes via temperature, laser technology and ultrasonics
  • Verification processes like leak and flow tests, pressure, force, weight and torque measurements

To learn more about Harro Höfliger products and services and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier directly.

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