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FlexLink AB

Conceived in 1980 as a production efficiency project within the world leading bearing manufacturer, SKF, FlexLink is now a leading global provider of production logistics solutions, within a wide range of industries.

Part of the Coesia Group since 2012, FlexLink has its head quarters in Gothemburg, SWE and provides worldwide production logistics solutions, helping to enhance production efficiency.

The heart of FlexLink’s efficiency is its market leading conveyor system and material handling solutions. In addition, the company’s continual effort to offer new technologies is fuelled by regular investment, ensuring that only top quality products and services are offered to clients.

The company is committed to streamlining the production processes, ensuring maximum value is achieved, thus minimising any potential losses. FlexLink’s professional approach to working with its clients starts with an analysis of the current production status, followed by proposed efficiency-improving solutions and then the provision of appropriate components, systems or integrated solutions.

The company has clients worldwide in diverse business sectors. These clients are served through a network of sales and engineering units in 25 countries and a partner network in more than 60 countries.

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