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EggCentris BVBA

EggCentris BVBA specialises in analysing reproductive function, offering question-directed project research and unique in-vitro bioassays that can assess effects on female and male fertility, monitor embryo development, toxicity and endocrine disruption.

EggCentris forms a centre of excellence with deep expertise in reproduction and fertility that can provide the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical device industries with advice and advanced technologies to test new compounds and products for effects on the reproductive health and procreation.

Besides proprietary innovative in-vitro bioassays based on leading edge scientific research EggCentris also develops customised testing models to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Studies are performed in an ISO 17025 certified lab guaranteeing the quality of test results at all times.

EggCentris supports the:

Pharma Industry during drug discovery for target validation and lead selection and in preclinical studies to avoid late attrition due to reproductive toxicity.

Chemical and Cosmetic Industry in hazard identification and characterisation required for risk assessments in order to comply with new regulatory requirements (REACH , Biocide and Cosmetic directives). Our in vitro bioassays are ideal in the search for non-toxic compounds for green chemistry.

Our expertise in in vitro toxicology combined with our established background in fertility is the perfect combination to design and perform clinical relevant test methods for batch control of medical devices assuring they are gamete and embryo safe.

EggCentris unique toolbox is based on the 3R principle (refine, replace and reduce animal use for testing)

  • 3D in-vitro multi-parametric bioassays mimicking in-vivo physiology allowing to study compounds for long-term effects
  • In-vivo and ex-vivo tests where no in-vitro model exists
  • Profound scientific background and knowledge, with experts to help interpret in-vitro test results and draw conclusions in view of the in-vivo physiology

To learn more about EggCentris' services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact EggCentris directly.

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