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DORNIER LabTech Systems GmbH

DORNIER LabTech Systems, a daughter company of the German manufacturer DORNIER with tenth of years of experience in building robotics equipment has taken care to provide a pipetting solution which has led to the recently released pipetting system, the PIRO®. Built by experienced engineers, the PIRO® is providing a solid hardware solution with an outstanding performance and reliable results.

The PIRO® has been designed for the needs of qPCR laboratories allowing versatility, precision, reproducibility, and safety combined with highly intuitive software for easy setup of reactions. Pipetting work with the PIRO® allows results to be obtained within minutes by following a few easy steps. Although the PIRO® has a small bench top workspace, it still allows for 16 positions to be used. Find below a few features the PIRO® has to offer:

General Software Features
  • Drag and drop programming
  • Multi-functional plate usage
  • Option to use many plate formats
  • Multiple language software
  • UV and HEPA filter options
  • Free software updates
Advanced Software Features
  • Multi-dispensing functions
  • Normalisation feature, automatic calculations
  • Automated tubes switching for multiple mixes
  • Preparation of multiple mixes
  • Serial dilutions, automatic volume calculations
  • Fluid transfer of remaining mixes or reagents

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