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Dishman Netherlands B.V

Dishman Netherlands BV (Dishman NL) is active in the manufacture, marketing and sales of Vitamin D analogues, Vitamin D, Cholesterol and Lanolin related products. The company’s products are in demand in pharmaceutical, and other key markets, including cosmetics, catering, animal feeds, shrimp farming and industrial applications.

The company is an important member of Dishman Group, a dynamic global, group of companies offering a spectrum of services to the pharmaceutical industry. Dishman is a global outsourcing partner for pharma companies, offering a portfolio of products and development, scale-up and manufacturing services.

A core component of Dishman NL’s mission is efficient production that is also safe, responsible and environmentally sustainable. The Company aims for high efficiency and effectiveness through close collaboration between its people, suppliers and customers. Dishman prides itself on open communication with all stakeholders.

Dishman NL offers a range of specialist and value added services. These include:

  • Contract Research: Dishman NL delivers process research services to support the transfer of new products. It offers research on all unit operations that are available in its facility on production scale. Typical batch sizes range from 10 mg (laboratory scale) to 25 kg (pilot scale). All research is performed in cGMP-compliant laboratories. The company is able to handle highly potent materials and can offer column chromatography, UV photochemistry, saponification, liquid extraction and other advanced research technologies.
  • Contract Manufacturing: Dishman can carry out contract manufacturing at its modern ISO xxx and ISO 14001 certified facility at Veenendaal in central Holland. For high criticality orders, Dishman can produce under cGMP and handle high potency materials. The company’s highly skilled activity transfer team has a proven track record of managing successful projects in liaison with customers. The manufacturing operation has access to the same range of advanced technologies as the contract research laboratory, including continuous process saponification, stainless steel reactors, and crystallization, drying, milling, mixing and solvent recovery apparatus.
  • Formulations: Dishman NL works with leading cosmetics experts to develop high quality specific application formulations for its lanolin alcohol, and cholesterol products.

Dishman NL continually invests in its pharmaceutical activities, ensuring a continuing supply of high-value, high-quality products and services, including:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs): Dishman offers a range of high quality Vitamin D2 and D3 derived active ingredients, used in treatment of such illnesses as psoriasis, osteoporosis, and rickets. All Dishman APIs are manufactured under cGMP guidelines.
  • Vitamins: Dishman NL offers a number of pharmaceutical products such as Vitamins D2 and D3 that ensure the right concentration of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. These are offered in several formats, including powder, solution and crystals.
  • Cholesterol Products: Dishman NL manufactures a number of different cholesterol-derived products, including liquid crystals, food additives for shrimp farming, protective skin products and cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications and lipid-derived drugs.
  • Lanolin Alcohols: these are used in a number of markets as cosmetics. Dishman NL manufactures Dusoran®, which is ideal for a wide range of hair and skin care products. Because it is naturally derived, Dusoran allows end products with excellent biocompatibility. Dishman lanolin alcohols also have industrial applications (e.g. treatment of leather goods).

To learn more about Dishman NL’s capabilities and how they can assist your business please contact Dishman NL directly.

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