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CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH

We Make The Cells! The use of cell based assays for drug screening brings about the challenge of in-time cell production and scale-up. As a flexible external cell culture unit CCS supplies starting material for HTS assays and makes your screening faster and more efficient.

CCS is dedicated to improving the output of drug discovery research by providing custom made cell based reagents.

Our aim is provide a unique service for our customers to meet your individual needs. We customize our products according to the particular requirements of your research project, time lines and budget.

For more than ten years, CCS has been supporting the research departments of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their efforts to discover new drug entities.

Originally established as a general provider of research services, CCS has advanced to become a custom supplier of recombinant cell lines, assay-ready frozen cells, qualified membranes and proteins for high-throughput-screening. Major pharmaceutical companies all over Europe and the USA now rely on the custom products and services of CCS.

Our team are dedicated to bring your project to success. Our experienced staff members have many years of direct experience in the fields of molecular biology, cell culture and cell based screening.


To learn more about CCS's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact CCS Cell Culture Service directly.

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