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Biowest is the European leader in the collection and processing of animal sera and cell culture media, offering the widest range of sera and solutions available on the market.

Biowest controls the production of the sera throughout the entire process, from collections around the world to final shipment of bottled serum from its culture media warehouse.

It offers standard culture cell media as well as custom-made formulations for specific applications, using its outstanding knowledge of cell culture products.

Biowest offer highest quality and premium service, ability to address special requirements and full traceability and security enabled by vertical integration.


Biowest products are in use throughout the academic, industrial and government research sectors in field spanning cell biology, genomics, proteomics, virology, immunology, drug discovery and toxicology. It’s the ideal partner for both researchers and biopharmaceutical companies.

Its core specialty is in proposing a wide range of geographical origins of for fetal bovine sera (FBS), guaranteeing the best choice of sera origins for all needs.

Thus Biowest FBS sourced from Chile and Mexico and delivered by Japan BioSerum, working with Biowest for sourcing, processing and batch selection, were instrumental in Dr. Shinya Yamanaka’s groundbreaking discovery in the fields of genetics that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012.

The Biowest vision is to pursue growth while continuing to satisfy all the needs of research and biopharma customers by assuring them a quality product with complete security.

Products and Services

Biowest products are organized under six principal groups, with most products available online from the company’s webshop.

Sera: Biowest supplies the full range of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) including specialty and instant variants, along with other animal sera, animal plasma, Bovine Serum Albumin, Human Serum, Plasma & Albumin.

Biowest has recently added a serum replacement, FreeAdd, a chemically defined substitute for animal serum that provides the necessary nutritional support for cell growth, development and expression.

Cell Culture Media: A wide range of Biowest Cell Culture Media formulations, manufactured according to original publications, standards set by the Tissue Culture Association and accepted formulations. Some vary from set standards by substituting hydrated, chlorinated and/or the salt forms of certain compounds to deliver improved product performance.

Special Media: Biowest manufacture a series of special media to support karyotyping analysis of chromosomes (metaphases) and detection of genetic abnormalities. These include LymphoGrow Medium for cultivation of primary human blood lymphocytes, AmnioGrow Plus for cultivating primary human amnion and chorionic villi cells and MarrowGrow ready to use medium for growing leukaemic bone marrow cells.

Salt Solutions: Biowest irrigating buffered salines and balanced salt solutions are sterile physiological balanced solutions intended to safeguard mammalian cells and that can be used to for preparing organ parts, during dissociation, ad to isolate cell suspensions. The range includes DPBS, EBSS, HBSS, HEPES and other salt solutions.

Antibiotics: Biowest manufactures ad supplies a full range of antibiotics used in cell culture conservation to suppress the growth of micro-organisms in cell cultures and cell lines, ranging from Amphotericin B to Vancomycin.

Cell Culture Reagents & other products: Biowest reagents include Trypsin, Accutase, BME & MEM Concentrate Amino Acids, Vitamins, NEAA, Lymphosep, Glucose, Glutamine, Cell Culture Water, Colcemid and Phytohaemagglutinin-M (PHA-M).

Standards and Compliance

Biowest is committed to the highest standards and guarantees quality, reproducibility, traceability and premium service.

Biowest’s market success is founded on a combination of competitive prices and a wide range of geographical origins, along with scrupulous attention to accountability and traceability and a fully vertically integrated end-to-end service in which the entire sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and documentation process is owned in-house. Using specialized equipment, detailed SOPs and audits, Biowest ensures quality control at every stage and low intra-lot variation.

Biowest SAS France is registered by the French Ministry of Agriculture (Regulation EU n°1069/2009) under the agreement number FR 49.231.001 for the production of animal sera and plasma - Intermediate Products & Technical Plant. Biowest also possesses EDQM certification for its FBS service.

Biowest’s French production facility is certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 standards while products meet EC Regulations 1069/2009 health rules for animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption. It also complies with EC Regulation 999/2001, under which all European animals are tested for BSE before the corresponding blood processing.

Biowest is also a founding member of ISIA: the International Serum Industry Association that establishes, promotes and assures conformity with uncompromised standards of excellence and ethics in the business practices of the animal serum supply industry worldwide.

To meet ethical responsibilities concerning the use of animals and their welfare, Biowest applies International Five Freedoms Guidelines for basic animal needs.


To learn more about Biowest’s specialist capabilities and services and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier directly.

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