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Biognos AB

Swedish-based Biognos AB specialises in computational drug discovery, both in ligand-based and structure-based virtual screening. Searches are made against comprehensive in-house libraries of commercially available compounds.

From its office in Göteborg, Biognos provides services in molecular modelling, particularly virtual screening. Also cheminformatic methods to characterize compound libraries and structure-based lead optimization are provided. Biognos services are primarily useful to pharmaceutical and biotech companies that have insufficient in-house modelling facilities.

Biognos provides cost-efficient solutions with complete commercial confidentiality. The company also works with academic groups working in the field of chemical biology and has an in-house project on developing norovirus inhibitors (winter vomiting disease).


Biognos offers two principal service strands:

Ligand-based Virtual Screening

Ligand-based virtual screening is carried out with commercial state-of-the-art software (Phase). The searches are made against an in-house library that contains more than 5 million available compounds.

Structure-based Virtual Screening

Structure-based screening is also carried out mainly with proprietary commercial software (Glide). The company also uses public domain software that has been modified for docking and post-docking scoring.

Biognos also offers services in three other areas:

Computational Lead Optimisation

ADME Predictions

Biognos provide predictions using various methods.

Design of Glycomimetics

Due to our experience in modelling of carbohydrates and carbohydrate-protein interactions, Biognos can offer edge competence in the design of glycomimetics.

Background and Track Record

Per-Georg Nyholm (CSO) and Nina Granath (CFO) founded Biognos AB as a privately owned company in 2003.

Biognos has carried out screening and research projects for more than a dozen pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the USA and UK and Israel. The company has also collaborated on a number of research projects that have evolved as a result of interactions with glycobiologists in academic groups, mainly at Sahlgren's academy, Göteborg University.

Based on the predictions done at Biognos the collaborators perform wet lab tests. Biognos has also supported several PhD projects regarding conformational analyses of carbohydrates and protein-ligand docking and contributed to number of academic publications.

Biognos has recently been involved in setting up a PhD project in Computational chemistry within the Marie-Curie network Glycopar.


To find out more about Biognos’ services and activities, please contact Biognos directly.

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