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Atlantic Coast Crushers

Atlantic Coast Crushers designs, manufactures and sells standard and custom processing size-reduction machinery for use in a variety of manufacturing industries. Specifically, the firm offers crushers, lump breakers, pulverizers, granulators, comminutors, and other size reduction machines for the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Atlantic Coast Crushers machines perform several functions.

  • They reduce large chunks of material to consistent, free-flowing particle size.
  • They are used within process lines to prevent clogs and blocking to keep production lines running.
  • Allows product transport equipment to run at peak efficiency.
  • Increases the surface area of products, allowing faster and more complete chemical reactions, including melting.

Atlantic Coast Crushers uses its knowledge and experience to design and build custom size reduction equipment for problem applications. The company has been granted two US Patents and has additional work in development. ACC can provide creative solutions to difficult size reduction problems including:

  • High pressure and/or high temperature applications.
  • Special output requirements.
  • Special materials of construction.
  • Sanitary designs.
  • High capacities.
  • Tight space restrictions.
  • Critical sealing problems.
  • Highly abrasive materials.
Product Groups

Atlantic Coast Crushers (ACC)’s standard products are grouped in four main categories:

Flow Sentry

Flow Sentry units are fully-enclosed in-line crushing devices designed to reduce oversize lumps or particles as they travel through a pipe or tube. A single set of rotating blades impact and shatter any materials too large to pass through the sizing grid within the device.

As with most ACC machines, Flow-Sentry incorporates an isolated bearing design that prevents a seal failure from immediately damaging the bearings, along with our “-04" design advantage that allows easy integration into numerous locations and applications including pneumatic transfer systems, gravity systems such as silo or bulk bag feed or discharge systems, and/or above or below rotary airlocks.

Flow Sizer

The Flow Sizer design provides economical heavy-duty crushing solutions that reduce dry bulk material to consistent particle size, using a large diameter drum with short blades that pass through the slots of stationary breaker bars at close clearance to act as crushing, cutting hammers.

Flow-Sizer units use bolted bodies for easy disassembly and maintenance along with our isolated bearing design.

The Flow-Sizer's compact design and short face to face dimension allows for easy integration with ducts, chutes, and conveyor systems, above or below rotary airlock feeders or screw feeders, or within silo discharge or pneumatic feed systems.

Flow Smasher

Flow-Smasher crushers are heavy duty, high torque high capacity crushing machines that use a dynamic crushing action to reduce friable bulk materials to consistent granular size.

Typical Flow-Smasher designs use two or more rotating shafts with blades and sizing grids with individually replaceable crossbars. Particles smaller than the grid slots pass easily through the machine while any oversize materials are trapped within the impact area. Flow-Smashers with two shafts have counter-rotating blades that draw oversize material between the shafts to be impacted by both sets of blades. This enables the Flow-Smasher to break up larger, denser materials as well as ‘problem’ substances that are sticky or tend to bridge.

Particle Sizer

The Particle-Sizer is a fine grinding “mill” designed for applications that require the process material to be reduced to a fine particle size. The Particle-Sizer is a compact, high capacity device that uses high-speed rotary knives or blades to sweep and cut against a series of stationary bars mounted in a "Sizing Cage". This cutting action can reduce materials to 30 mesh or less, depending on material characteristics and the Sizing Cage spacing. Sizing Cages are available in several different slot combinations to provide different output particle size distributions, and they are made to be interchangeable.

Options and Customized Designs

Atlantic Coast Crushers’ machinery can be constructed from a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy®, titanium and other exotic metals. The company’s in-house capabilities include design engineering, polishing, hardening, coating and testing.

ACC keeps standard machines in stock for rapid delivery. It also builds equipment to specific requirements, to meet specific customer needs.

Atlantic Coast Crushers is constantly creating new custom designs and/or variations of standard equipment for specific applications or processes. Typical options for our various crusher designs include:

  • Mechanical Seals, Packings and other Seal designs.
  • Gear reduction or Belt drives.
  • Controllers.
  • Customized Inlet/Outlet Hoppers, Mounting Stands, etc.
  • Special feed or takeaway systems

To learn more about Atlantic Coast Crushers' services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact Atlantic Coast Crushers directly.

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