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ATG:biosynthetics GmbH


ATG stands for Advanced Technical Genetomics and ATG:biosynthetics is a synthetic biology company that specializes in synthetic biology, combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression.

Located in Merzhausen near Freiburg, ATG offers a complete range of multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for synthetic and molecular biology as well as allied research and development areas. It offers solutions in numerous related product areas:

Gene synthesis

ATG can synthesize genetic materials in batches of up to 15 kb in Service Mode of more than 300 kb in Project Mode.


ATG’s immune and pathway bioinformatics services include data mining, planning, analytical genomics and constructional biology.

Molecular in silico BioDesign

ATG expertize in highly parallel in silico expression optimization for synthetic and constructional biology is incorporated in all projects.

Epitope mapping

ATG can apply deterministic and combinatorial bioPeptide engineering as well as extensive Epitope Libraries. It can use its multi-peptide library design tool as well as its proprietary PepID deterministic multi-peptide library construction and expression system.

Pathway engineering

ATG’s genetic and pathway engineering services harness the company’s gene intelligence solution EvoMAG (Evolution Mediates for Artificial Genomes) for multi-parametric gene and gene cluster design for metabolic engineering and optimization in diverse target organisms.

Tailored solutions

ATG possesses particular strengths in designing tailor-made solutions (e.g., gene cluster and complete pathway designs) that harness its technologies and services in gene synthesis, gene expression systems, bioinformatics and more. These provide clients with individual products and services or integrated solutions that offer a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

All projects will incorporate ATG’s highest-level reliable expertise in bioinformatics, descriptive and functional genomics, pathway engineering and transcriptional as well as translational expression optimization.

Solutions can also harness:

  • FlexTEC, ATG’s flexible cross platform compatible custom vector for all species
  • Multi-hetero-protein complex design and expression optimization
  • Fusion proteins for projects such as protein surface display systems (E. coli, Yeast, Mammalian)
  • Gene Variant Libraries - for all species and genetic systems
  • Multi-protein recombineering and expression systems for E.coli, insect and mammalian cells
  • Synthetic biology projecting and consulting from design to (multi-gene) expression strategy

ATG is in the process of securing ISO 9001 quality certification.

DNA- and protein-based vaccines

ATG seeks partnerships and outsourcing projects that aim at developing and marketing high-potential applications, e.g. creating high efficiency DNA- and protein-based vaccines.

ATG’s Imophoron business unit develops collaborative platforms.


To learn more about ATG's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier.

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