STYL’One Classic – R&D, Powder Characterization and Scale-up Tableting Machine

STYL’One Classic – R&D, Powder Characterization and Scale-up Tableting Machine


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The STYL’One Classic is an R&D, powder characterization and scale-up tableting machine that forms the most complete, versatile and affordable research press in the world. This machine can be thought of as a ‘Research Robot’ that is perfect for the characterization of raw material or formulations, allowing autonomous exploration of the research space as well as production of small clinical batches.

Teamed with advanced ANALIS software with the capacity of programming individual compression profiles, the STYL’One Classic can be extended to autonomous research, multilayer and cGMP proving roles.


  • World’s most complete, versatile and affordable development press
  • Tab-in-Tab capability up to five layers
  • Automated research modes, saving time and powder
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Unlimited speed & pre-compression modes leaving no production unknowns
  • Unique compression mode for ultimate flexibility
  • Fully instrumented for software and data acquisition
  • Small footprint for a multipurpose all in one R&D tool
  • High containment levels for perfect hygiene in clinical batches
  • Ease of use and ease of cleaning
  • Repeatability of mechanical systems compared with hydraulic or pneumatic systems
  • High-speed precision through Planetary Roller Screw system


The single sided STYL’One Classic is fully instrumented and controls:

  • In-depth analysis of powder characteristics (saw tooth profile, extended dwell time, classic rotary compression profile, pre compression influence, strain rate)
  • Hand-feed, gravity-fed,forced-fed or paddle-feed shoe
  • Force/displacement/ejection on both punches. Optional instrumented die, incremental transducers

Extension and options

The STYL’One Classic comes packaged with ANALIS Advanced software as standard. This ensures rapid performance of in-depth studies by adding two new profiles to operation:

  • Full automation of research and reporting
  • Ability to modify compression profiles to create an optimised individual profile
  • A laboratory equipped with precision equipment (hardness tester, 0, 01 mg scale, friability tester, etc.)
  • Extensive service like Compression Analysis, Expertise and consulting, Training on production, compression physics, coatings and more

STYL’One can also be teamed with extension ANALIS modules to provide even more advanced operating modes:

  • ANALIS Multilayer module converts STYL’One into a multilayer and tab in tab machine, producing multilayer tablets, incorporating up to five layers with three active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manually or automatically
  • ANALIS GMP Production module is equivalent to having an accredited inspector on the team for laboratories needing to create clinical batches in GMP conditions. Built on SQL database, this software rigorously controls and tracks production to full CFR Part 11 compliance

Other Options

A wide range of optional fitments are available to tailor STLY’One Classic to particular customer requirements. These include:

  • Standard EU &IP format and non-standard tools
  • Good/Bad tablet sorter using paddle, gravity or hand feed (1 tablet)
  • Hand fill mode available for multilayer or tab in tab
  • Standard EU & IPT and non-standard tools (max tablet 40mm diameter, 32mm fill)>
Number of press stations 1
Die BB, B, D, oversized
Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 40
Maximum layers 5
Maximum die filling (mm) 32
Maximun output (tablets/hour) 900
Feed shoes (up to 3) Habd feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeding
Compression mode Force or displacement driven
Adjustable compression zone Adjustable 2 to 8
Maximum pre-compression force (KN) 30 or 50
Maximum compression force (kn) 30 or 50
Dwell time (ms) <4 ms extendable to 2 secs
Instrumentation Standard ANLALIS software, upper and lower force and displacement standard
Power (kW) 7
Standard Voltage Dual 400/480V; 50/60Hz
Weight (kg) 950 kg / 2060 lbs
Dimension 1915 x 720 x 720 mm



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