STYLCAM 200 Series – Rotary Press Simulator

STYLCAM 200 Series – Rotary Press Simulator


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The STYLCAM 200 is a fully instrumented single punch rotary press simulator that allows scale up with maximum confidence, making it an ideal tool for industrial transposition.

The STYLCAM 200 R simulator features high production capacity and weight regulation, allowing it to perform manufacturing of clinical batches as true prototypes of final production batches.

The STYLCAM 200 WIP version is fitted with even higher containment, RTP port and Wash In Place spray equipment to allow operators to perform small-scale clinical research or production runs in perfect safety, even without gloves.


  • A rotary press simulator that does not impact production schedule
  • Fully instrumented powerful R&D tool, providing full information about powder behaviour under production conditions
  • Packaged with ANALIS Galenic R&D software as standard for expanded research modes
  • Detailed compression analysis with minimum quantity of powder (1 tablet)
  • Perfect production hygiene for clinical batches
  • Highly flexible operation
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to clean
  • Punches use oil-free lubrication technology


Perfectly clean in operation, the STYLCAM 200 R is a single punch development press based on modifiable mechanical cam and programmable electronic cam with symmetric displacement of both punches at high speed. This configuration allows:

  • Production of small batches down to single tablet equivalent to those running in production at a speed of up to +300.000 tab/h
  • Simulation and analysis of compression cycle of all major industrial presses
  • Usage and test of your standard tooling
  • Manufacturing of clinical batches as true prototypes of final production runs

All STYLCAM 200 machines come as standard with vacuum removal of particles around punches and dies, ramp deduster, gravity feed shoe, funnel and manual single tablet feeder.

STYLCAM 200 WIP adds full containment design, RTP port and WIP spray balls to wash down the compression zone. This allows:

  • User-friendly Wash In Place solution than can be used like a standard machine with or without gloves
  • Manually insert material and extract finished tablets
  • Fast and easy everyday handling
  • Complete cleaning and drying process without breaking containment
  • Wash in place at any time when needed
  • Perform small clinical production or research with complete operator protection

Extension and options

The STYLCAM 200 machines come packaged as standard with ANALIS Advanced software, a very detailed data acquisition and analysis system that provides ultra-reliable predictive analysis at a very early stage in the development process. This ensures rapid performance of in-depth studies by adding full automation of research and reporting and ability to modify compression profiles to create optimised individual profiles.

MEDELPHARM places at your disposable a fully equipped test laboratory which allows STYLCAM users to ‘test drive’ their machines and evaluate the ANALIS software.

The package provides:

  • Hands on training on STYLCAM and ANALIS software
  • Access to MEDLPHARM’s 15 years of experience in research, production and analysis of compression
  • A team of technicians and pharmacists ready to answer questions on formulation, industrial development and “troubleshooting” in production
  • A laboratory equipped with precision equipment (hardness tester, 0, 01 mg scale, friability tester, etc.)
  • Various training courses on production, compression physics, coatings and more

Other options

A wide range of optional options is available to tailor STYLCAM 200 to particular customer requirements. These include:

  • Warranty extension & preventive maintenance calibration
  • IQ, OQ, PQ, FAT, SAT documents
  • Extended training, product modification and specific cam profile definition
  • Special design (instrumented die)
  • Full containment
  • Dustproof cabinet
Maximum compression force 50 KN
Maximum tablet diameter 25 mm
Maximum die depth of fill 21 mm
Maximum production cycle 3000 tabs/hr.
Typical production simulation 300,000 tabs/hr.
Mechanical cam Adjustable
Electronic cam Programmable cam profile and control software
Punch type Euro, DPT, D, B, BB, Kilian 20/28
Displacement and pressure instrumentation 2 upper, 2 lower, 1 ejection
Power 6 KW
Standard Voltage ≤500V
Dimensions (cm) 200 H x 70W x 100 D
Weight 1,200 Kg (press)
125 Kg (electrical cabinet)



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STYLCAM 200 R – Single Punch Development Press


STYLCAM 200 WIP – Upgrade to Full Containment with Wash in Place Option

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