Qualifyze celebrates 2022 as Year of Achievements

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January 17th 2023

Frankfurt am Main, Germany: – Qualifyze GmbH has celebrated a highly successful 2022 that saw it take significant steps towards reinforcing its position as one of the world’s leading digital-first 3rd party audit providers.

During the year Qualifyze recorded more than 1,000 audits booked in 2022 alone, with more than 820 of those audits completed on the day of publishing this article. It added over 400 new customers to its books and doubled the number of new suppliers audited, further strengthening its global network.

A year in numbers 

The Qualifyze workforce also expanded rapidly, adding just over 100 new employees and 63 more qualified auditors (almost doubling their already established, global auditor network), helping the company to improve its performance in delivering audit reports almost 50% faster than last year, and reducing the time needed to secure an audit date by 20 days.

Along the way, Qualifyze also passed the significant milestones of performing over 100 audits in a single month and have also implemented more than 100 platform enhancements to improve user experience on their cloud-based audit management platform.


Other highlights of the year included successful completion of the first Qualifyze sustainability audit, a corporate rebrand, including a re-engineered website, and successfully passing their internal ISO 9001:2015 audit recertification.

Qualifyze CEO and founder Dr. David Schneider commented: “Looking back on the year that’s come and gone, I can’t deny the feeling of pride when I reflect on all that was accomplished. 2022 was the most successful year we’ve had at Qualifyze so far.”

Dr. Schneider said he expected 2023 to be ‘even bigger’ for Qualifyze, with further developments to be announced over coming months.

Qualifyze will also be sharing its learnings from the year in a LinkedIn Live session, with their VP of Quality Carla Peraferrer and Head of Quality Cesc Muñoz, on the morning of January 19 on their LinkedIn page. Attendance to the live is free, and open to the public.

About Qualifyze

Based at Frankfurt in Western Germany, Qualifyze specializes in end-to-end global GxP and sustainability auditing, having pioneered the first global online compliance reporting platform.

The Qualifyze platform allows pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to revolutionize the ways in which they manage and optimize their audit workload and provide their customers with higher quality reports.

The Qualifyze  mission is to build the trust layer for global supply chains with a user-friendly auditing platform that allows companies to search for their suppliers, input the product / services they need auditing and instantly receive a quote. Clients can also use the platform to upload information sheets, download reports and submit corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans once the audit takes place.

Qualifyze now offers more than 800 shared GxP audits that allow multiple companies to join the same audit, and currently performs more than 420 new audits annually. Its global network of highly experienced auditors allows Qualifyze to execute audits in any location, handling all steps, from customer pre-approval to CAPA management.

Qualifyze (formerly ChemSquare) was founded in September 2017 as the result of a Ph.D. program at the Technical University of Darmstadt, with a guiding mission to be the facilitator for all stakeholders in the auditing process, to reduce the efforts and resources expended on activities that make no actual contribution to end product safety and sustainability.

Since then the company has become the first global online platform for supplier audits that connects pharma companies, suppliers, and auditors. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Qualifyze also has a Spanish subsidiary based in Barcelona.

Qualifyze is certified by Germany’s TÜV Süd agency to full ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, which govern all its business processes.

For further information, visit: https://www.qualifyze.com


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Qualifyze celebrates 2022 as Year of Achievements