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PolyGene offering Horizon 2020 collaboration opportunities at R&I event

news-releasesPolyGene AG
October 25th 2014

Rümlang, Switzerland: – Innovative transgenic research institute PolyGene AG today announced its intention to attend the 6th Successful Research & Innovation in Europe networking event in Dusseldorf on October 30-31.

The Swiss-based laboratory will use the life sciences strand of the meeting as a platform to find partners for new collaborative research programmes that can attract EU funding as part of the Horizon 2020 research program.

Dr. Stefan Selbert, PolyGene’s Executive Director for Business & Development, will address the meeting to detail the company’s latest services and R&D projects in cardiology, oncology, neurology, physiology and rare diseases. These involve a Europe-wide network of researchers from universities and private research organizations, as well as small to medium sized companies.

Successful collaborations

“We will be showing that we have been very successful in attracting funds from the EU within the last round of FP7 Health,” said Dr. Selbert.

Dr. Selbert said Polygene’s impressive track record in finalizing competitive grant proposals could significantly increase the viability of any consortium in which it was involved.

“Our aim is to support and participate in future collaborative projects within the Horizon 2020 framework programme,” he declared.

“In Dusseldorf, we will be looking to make contact with strong opinion leaders and researchers who are interested in setting up joint projects involving the generation and exploitation of animal models,” said Dr. Selbert.

About PolyGene

PolyGene is a privately owned research institute, located near Zurich, Switzerland, that develops state-of-the-art transgenic animal models of human disease for a worldwide research clientele.

Founded in 2002, PolyGene is run by an international team of scientists with academic and industrial backgrounds, having notable track records in mouse transgenesis as well as in business management.

The focus of the business is on finding and nurturing productive research collaborations that promote scientific advances.

PolyGene is a fully functional production site for the establishment and target validation of transgenic and knockout mouse lines, and also offers co-development opportunities in model building, including rat and rabbit models. PolyGene provides one of the in the world’s most highly regarded professional transgenic services, with over 330 completed customer projects and more than 750 individual mouse lines generated to date.

PolyGene’s strong IP portfolio includes patent rights on innovative antibiotic-inducible expression systems, used exclusively for transgenic service projects.

PolyGene also offers services in speed congenics, inducible expression systems and gene targeting.

PolyGene is configured to contribute actively as an R&D intensive SME partner to EU initiatives such as Horizon 2020, Eurostars, IMI, etc., with an impressive track record of partnering in projects such as CarTarDis (Cardiovascular Target Discovery), CAM-PaC (Integrative Analysis of Gene Functions in Cellular and Animal Models of Pancreatic Cancer), SYBIL (studying the genetic causes of skeletal diseases) and TumAdoR (focusing on development of human therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to neutralize immunosuppressive cancer pathways).

About R&I in Europe 2014 European Networking Event

The 6th Research and Innovation (R&I) in Europe Conference will again invite researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and other European regions to find new European partners for EU-sponsored Horizon 2020 projects.

This series of events have been running since 2009, involving more than 1400 participants. The 2014 conference, from October 30 to 31, will be held for the first time at the Van der Valk hotel at Düsseldorf International Airport. It will involve partner regions from Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland.

The event will be structured in parallel brokerage sessions focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Energy, Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing, Sustainable Economy, Life Sciences and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

The event addresses especially universities and research institutes and small as well as medium-sized enterprises. The conference invites participants are to become involved in established and new technology networks between researchers, entrepreneurs and multipliers related to Horizon 2020.

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