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    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    products-servicesPHC Europe BV
    March 17th 2020

    PHC Europe now offers the Cellbox range of live cell shipping cases incorporating innovative technology for air and surface shipping of live cell cultures, tissue and other cell-based samples.

    The Cellbox shipper provides cost efficiency whilst maintaining the viability of cells, keeping them under ideal conditions during transport. It also reduces stress on cells and streamlines logistics chains by eliminating need for pre-freezing and post thawing.

    Cellbox Ground CD

    The Cellbox Ground shipper is a self-sustaining incubator for temperature-controlled logistics, allowing temperature and CO2 to be pre-set and maintained to ensure optimum conditions for up to 24 hours during shipment. The robust and shock resistant design also provides a high degree of physical protection.

    The overall format complies with the UN3373 logistics standard.

    CO2 can be set and regulated between 0% and 20% while temperature can be set and maintained at three degrees Celsius above ambient (AT) within a range of 28 °C to 38°C. Temperature control and the disposable cartridge CO2 supply can maintain 37 °C and 5% CO2 for 24h+.

    Cellbox incorporates a full color touch screen controller with data logging, Bluetooth connectivity and App-based data transfer. The incubation space is suitable for a variety of culture vessels including multiple multiwell plates, T-Flasks and chip formats.

    Cellbox is supplied as standard with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, multiwell plate holder, power adaptor and international range of power cords.

    Cellbox Flight CDI

    The Cellbox Flight CDI Shipper uses a similar format and achieves equivalent performance to the Ground CD version but uses an unique integrated dry ice CO2 well to comply with international air transport regulations. It is also 1Kg. lighter than the Ground version.

    This allows air shipment globally as the only live cell shipper with controlled CO2 levels. Cellbox also meets international flight allowances under packing instruction PI 967, Section II.


    Cellbox Accessories & Options

    PHCbi offer a range of optional accessories for Cellbox Ground and Flight cases. These include:

    • Care kit (disinfectant, care product, cleaning cloth)
    • Replacement CO2 disposable cartridges
    • Additional battery pack to extend runtime for up to four hours
    • Air packaging kit providing additional Styrofoam protection for flight transport
    • Relevant air and ground transport UN3373 Dangerous Goods Declaration stickers


    Innovative partner for Cold Chain Solutions

    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    PHCbi Cellbox Shipper provides robust protection for ground or air transport of live cells

    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    Cellbox can accommodate a wide variety of cell vessels including multiwell plates

    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    Lid provides storage for all necessary accessories including power adaptor, cord and replacement CO2 cartridges

    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    Cellbox Ground CD uses pressurized CO2 cartridges for incubation control

    PHCbi Cellbox solutions for live cell shipping

    Cellbox Flight CDI uses CO2 dry ice well for incubation control

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