Number of Reps Declined in US and Japan

Number of Reps Declined in US and Japan

LATEST NEWS – Wednesday, 04 April 2012

China has helped eased the decline in the global pharmaceutical sales force levels to 1.8% in 2011. However Japan and the United States as well as some European countries have experienced declines in the number of reps.

According to a report from the researchers at the Cegedim Strategic Data, sales force levels in the emerging markets have improved and this “seems to have tempered the overall decline”. In 2010 the number of reps was 421,223 but this declined by 7,658 to 413,565 in 2011.

Japan experienced a fall of 10% in sales force levels in 2011 whilst the US experienced a fall of 7% in the same year. The US has the highest number of reps with 73,762, whilst China has the next highest with 65,827.

Unlike the downward trend experienced in markets such as the US and Japan, China and Brazil both experienced an increase in sales force levels. China’s sales force levels grew by 18.6% and Brazil had growth of 3.5%.

In the European markets France experienced a 12% drop in sales force levels whilst Italy had a decline of 1.7% and Germany had a decline of 2%.

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