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    New custom build filling plant confirms new LaboSmeets growth trajectory

    news-releasesLaboratoria Smeets S.A
    July 15th 2014

    Antwerp, Belgium: – Successful construction of a new design-build active pharmaceutical ingredients plant for a leading pharma company has opened up a significant new line of business for Belgium’s Laboratoria Smeets.

    LaboSmeets incorporated its patented API solubility improvement technology into the new facility, which will use dedicated 24 hour operation to manufacture ingredients.

    “This assignment demonstrates high confidence in our pharmaceutical powders expertise and solubility enhancement technology on the part of a leading industry player,” said Laboratoria Smeets Managing Director, Jef Verplaetse.

    Thriving on innovation

    “It also forms a platform for significant further growth, sharing our know how and capabilities on a consultancy basis,” Mr Verplaetse added.

    “We have shown that LaboSmeets can work as an effective partner beyond manufacture and filling, advising on design and process,” he added.

    “Taken in conjunction with our breakthrough innovations for gastrointestinal tract and osteoarthritis, plus our revolutionary API water solubility technology, it shows that Laboratoria Smeets continues to thrive on innovation,” said Mr. Verplaetse.

    About Laboratoria Smeets

    Laboratoria Smeets (LaboSmeets) is based near Antwerp, Belgium. Since its foundation in 1973, this CMO has focused on the blending, manufacture and packaging of pharmaceutical powders. The company is able to process powder-to-powder, liquid into powder and powder into liquid.

    All processes are performed under cGMP conditions in a dedicated facility producing several hundreds of millions of powder filled sachets, tamper proof containers and sacs up to 25 kg, using state-of-the-art blending facilities and a modern filling operation with nine production lines.

    Laboratoria Smeets uses a patented twin-screw extrusion technology for granulation in conjunction with a new technology to improve water solubility for APIs, developed in collaboration with University of Ghent. First applications are in the veterinary field where drug administration via drinking water is becoming more important.

    Laboratoria Smeets has developed and patented highly effective products for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment. Other products include laxatives, supplements for support for cancer therapy, menopause and the Libidosine® supplement for loss of libido.

    Media Contact

    Jef Verplaetse, Managing Director, Laboratoria Smeets
    Tel: +32 (0) 3 828 29 37


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