Micro-Macinazione unveils expansion plans

Micro-Macinazione unveils expansion plans

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OCTOBER 13, 2015

Molinazzo di Monteggio:- Micro-Macinazione, one of the leading providers in the micronisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, continues to perform well and is investing in expanding and optimising all business units.

Micro-Macinazione, one of the major European players in the ultrafine grinding of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), is on course for success and aims to consolidate its European leadership in the micronisation market as well as enlarging its presence in overseas markets. In order to achieve this, the SME from Ticino is expanding production as well as sales and logistics. “We are investing between five and ten per cent of our turnover into the development of our company and this encompasses every aspect of our operations,” explains CEO Markus Arigoni.

Enhanced sales force

Since engaging new sales employees and consultants in late 2014 for the important markets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (DACH) as well as Great Britain and Northern Europe, new customer orders from the respective markets have been generated. “Enhancing the European sales force is the first step towards the further internationalisation of our operations,” says Giovanna Libralon, Head of Business Development. In the next step Micro-Macinazione seeks to build strategic partnerships in the US and Asia.

Dynamic Research & Development

In 2014 Micro-Macinazione established a five-member team of chemists and engineers that is devoted solely to research and development to meet the growing needs customers have for flexible and individual solutions in testing and developing new processes for new chemical entities (NCE). Micro-Macinazione has also invested 1 million euro in a new R&D laboratory, inaugurated in early 2015, comprising a micronization room and an analytical investigation area. “Thanks to our extensive expertise in particle size engineering, we are able to support our customers in developing the optimal
method for micronisation,” says R&D Director Piero Iamartino.

Safe production

As regards production, Micro-Macinazione is investing heavily in continuous upgrading and enlarging its production facilities. This year we have already introduced a new banding system, and the installation of six new glove boxes will be completed next year. “This means we can ensure safe processing of products at all times while meeting the highest safety requirements,” says Giovanna Libralon.

Major logistic opportunities

To ensure optimum utilisation of the plants, on-time delivery to customers and further business growth, Micro-Macinazione is also building a new, 500-square-meter, two-storey warehouse which complies with all cGMP requirements and provides additional capacity for the temporary storage of nonmicronised and micronised material.

About Micro-Macinazione SA

Micromacinazione SA was founded in 1970 in Molinazzo di Monteggio (Canton of Ticino, Switzerland) and is Europe’s leading provider in micronization of medical ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. It is also a leader in designing and manufacturing the jet mills used in micronization and pneumatic conveyors. At its two sites, Molinazzo di Monteggio and Madonna del Piano, both in the canton of Ticino, the company employs some 115 staff and achieves sales of CHF 25 million a year. Both production sites are regularly inspected by the FDA and Swissmedic and have been certified by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. It has some 200 clients, among them most of the global pharmaceutical companies.

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