Micro-Macinazione S.A. opens new million-dollar micronization research lab

Micro-Macinazione S.A. opens new million-dollar micronization research lab

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FEBRUARY 09, 2015

Molinazzo di Monteggio: – Leading European micronization experts and particle size specialists, Micro-Macinazione, has announced a new research program on research and development into new micronization techniques.

The Swiss-based company has invested CHF 1 million ($1.09m) in a new Research and Development department, tasked with developing new and more flexible techniques for micronizing particles.

Unique end-to-end solutions

Micro-Macinazione is the only European firm engaged in the micronization of pharmaceutical compounds to offer solutions spanning the entire production process, from the construction of equipment to contract milling and end product analysis.

The Ticino-based company is seeking to strengthen its position as a client-focused provider of particle analysis solutions in the international arena.

“Pharmaceutical development is increasingly demanding the use of micronized compounds with ultra-small particle sizes of just 1–10 μm,” explains R&D Director Piero Iamartino.

“The principle is that the smaller the particle size, the more effective the active ingredient; micronization increases surface area relative to volume and hence boosts efficiency, he explained.

Tailored micronization possibilities

“The possibilities opened up by our new R&D lab will enable us to respond to our clients’ wishes with greater flexibility and more tailored solutions in development, production and analysis,” says Piero Iamartino.

Five chemists and engineers will initially staff the new R&D lab, which came on stream last month. They are collaborating to develop optimum solutions for clients, with co-operation between chemists and engineers enabling Micro-Macinazione to construct superior end-to-end services,extending from the micronization itself through construction and delivery of equipment to the final analysis services.

Growing API demand

“We have more than 200 clients, including the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have created our new R&D lab so as to be able to meet their growing demands in relation to the analysis of active substances and the quest for the optimum technique for micronizing ultra-small volumes,” says Giovanna Libralon, Head of Business Development.

“In setting up this department, which we plan to expand in future, Micro-Macinazione is carving out a further competitive advantage in the European market by having construction and process specialists work together to devise solutions right from the R&D stage.

About Micro-Macinazione

Micro-Macinazione is a premier provider of micronization technologies and services in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. The company is Europe’s leading provider of micronized bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and also markets world-class services and machinery, based on four decades experience. Micro-Macinazione works with more than 200 customers worldwide, including most of the largest pharma multinationals.

Micro-Macinazione (‘Micro-grinding’) was founded in 1970, manufacturing its patented Chispro fluid energy spiral jet mills, which are still mainstays of its product rage today. The Molinazzo di Monteggio headquarters, in the Luganoarea, also houses Micro-Macinazione’s engineering and process consultancy services.

The company’s manufacturing sites are fully cGMP compliant and process APIs to customer requirements from milligram batches to multi-tonne production consignments. Micro-Macinazione is the only micronizing processor in Europe whose total annual production capacity exceeds 1,000 metric tons.

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