Medical Translation and Review Services

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Medical Translation and Review Services

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Supplier Product: Medical Translation and Review Services
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Medical Translation and Review Services

MediLingua are specialists in medical translation and review services. We translate from and into all European languages as well as several non-European languages. Other languages include Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We also offer a range of African languages, including Swahili, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa.

MediLingua supports a variety of projects that are managed and co-ordinated by our international multilingual team of Project Managers. Project Managers at MediLingua are focused on delivering a quality service ensuring that the translated product meets all your requirements.

Our team of professional medical translators are the best in the business. The key to our success is owed to our team of over 400 professional translators. All our medical translation work is done by native speakers of the target language who have a medical and translation background with extensive experience in translating and editing medical texts. Our translators live and work in their own language area and have access to the latest medical information and reference materials. Our highly skilled team ensures that the exact meaning of your document is conveyed and consistently delivers clear and accurate translations.

MediLingua provides a complete review service of the translated copy against the source documentation. All our proofreading and editing professionals have a medical and translation background and have specific industry knowledge which means the most qualified reviewer will be selected to meet each clients’ specific requirements.

Services We Offer:
• Medical Tanslation, Proofreading and Editing
• Quality Assurance Services
• Page Formatting (DTP) and Pre-press Services
• Terminology Management and Translation Memory Building

Optional Extras:
• Pre-translation source editing
• Post-translation editing
• Management of in-country validation
• Validation of third party translations
• Back translations
• Readability testing
• Linguistic consultancy

For more information or to discuss medical translation and review services please contact us directly.

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