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MEDELPHARM to showcase Advantest Terahertz spectroscopic technology at APGI

news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
April 10th 2015

Beynost, France: – Research-based tablet press manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM S.A.S. will aims to bring a smile to the face of the Angel of Reims by staging a double display on their stand at the city’s inaugural APGI Pharmaceutics Drug Delivery Conference later this month.

MEDELPHARM will share its stand at Booth 17 at the Reims Congress Centre with renowned Japanese digital measurement specialists Advantest. MEDELPHARM is exclusive distributor for the Advantest systems in Europe.

Alongside their own range of process technologies, including high-speed laboratory and production tablet presses, MEDELPHARM will exhibit Advantest’s advanced TAS range of Terahertz Spectroscopy imaging systems.

Non-destructive spectroscopic analysis

The systems on show will include the TAS7500 family of compact and multipurpose terahertz spectroscopic / imaging systems that utilizing the unique properties of the terahertz region (0.1 – 10.0THz) of the electromagnetic spectrum to perform rapid and easy non-destructive analysis of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, communications materials, etc., without requiring a specially constructed analysis environment.

As well as latest technologies, MEDELPHARM will also unveil an expanded range of capabilities that now provides its customers with access to an enhanced range of services that now includes powder analysis and characterization, theoretical and hands-on training on tablet presses and tools, troubleshooting in production and process optimization.
All under control with STYL’One Evolution
“APGI will give us a great platform to feature our process technologies in particular Advantest spectroscopy analysis systems that are highly relevant for our customers who already benefit from best in class development press with STYL’One Evolution,” said Ingrid Coyle, MEDELPHARM’s International Sales & Business Development Director.


MEDELPHARM, headquartered near Lyon in southeastern France, are specialist developers and manufacturers of innovative solutions for R&D Tablet Presses and powder characterization services.

MEDELPHARM manufactures innovative R&D laboratory tablet presses of the STYL’One Family. These include:

  • The STYLCAM Mechanical Rotary Press Simulator, the first MEDELPHARM patented machine, which has been running for 15 years on three continents
  • The STYL’One Classic, the world fastest multilayer development press
  • The STYL’One Evolution, the latest servo-mechanical compaction simulator

All presses are equipped with ANALIS, a proprietary data acquisition, control- and reporting system that incorporates multilayer, tab in tab functions as well as GMP-production and automated research functions.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of Powder Compaction and Characterization Services, along with valuable troubleshooting and ongoing support services focused on achieving long-term targets of reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and increasing production efficiency, regardless of final application.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory, co-located with the University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments, represents an ideal test and demonstration platform and allows continual knowledge sharing and research involving universities world-wide.

MEDELPHARM are exclusive distributors in France and French-speaking territories of Advantest THz non-destructive analysis solutions; Fitzpatrick Size Reduction & Roller Compactors, O’Hara Continuous Coaters, QUADRO Milling & Sifting systems, RIVA tablet presses, Romaco Kilian Production Presses and XPLore Micro Extruders for Hot Melt Extrusion.

About APGI 2015

The 1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics, focusing on Drug Delivery, will be hosted by the Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle (APGI) in the French city of Reims. The two-day event takes place on April 13 and April 14 at the Reims Congress Centre and will feature an academic program alongside an industry exhibition.

The conference will cover the entire spectrum of “Drug Delivery” topics, including among others Drug Targeting, Liposomes and Nanoparticles, Smart Drug Delivery, Transdermal Drug Delivery and Protein 3D Printing and Peptide delivery.

The event is expected to attract more than 600 delegates, many of them scientists working in R&D of drug products and medical devices, scale-up and production processes, as well as academics and regulators.

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Media Contact

Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director, MEDELPHARM S.A.S.
Tel: +33 478 9762 13


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