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MEDELPHARM to attend Health and Food Days, La Rochelle France

news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
June 11th 2014

Beynost, France: – Specialist manufacturer of R&D Tablet Presses and provider of innovative solutions in powder compaction simulation MEDELPHARM S.A.S have announced that they will be attending Health and Food days, in La Rochelle France.

MEDELPHARM are expanding their products into the health and food industry and will be promoting their innovative solutions and will be discussing how their products support current and future trends with health and food professionals. MEDELPHARM will be available for round tables discussions, attending key conferences and available for one-to–one business meetings and look forward to providing more information about their R&D tablet press:

  • Styl’One Classic – R&D, powder characterization and scale-up tableting machine
  • Styl’One Evolution Compaction Simulator- R&D, scale up and production support press

MEDELPHARM are also exclusive distributors of unique and revolutionary design processing equipment technologies:
Exclusive distributors across France and parts of North Africa of the QUADRO flexsift & COMIL – the world’s leader for producing uniform size reduction, sieving, de-agglomeration, dispersion and mixing

MEDELPHARM are the exclusive distributor in France for the Fitzpatrick process equipment range, including the FITZPATRICK roller compactor – used in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industry, for size reduction and roll-compaction.

French, Swiss and Belgian distributor of the XPLORE Hot Met Extruders – provides convenient and efficient screening of pharmaceutical or biomedical products through Solid Dispersion technology.

MEDELPHARM are the exclusive distributor in France of the O’HARA Labcoat & Fastcoat Continuous – a supplier in real innovative tablets and pellets coating technologies.


MEDELPHARM, headquartered near Lyon in France, is a manufacturer of R&D Presses and distributor of innovative solutions in powder compaction simulation and tableting. MEDELPHARM machinery is capable of characterizing, developing and processing almost any compressible substance.

In addition to laboratory tablet presses, MEDELPHARM also offers a comprehensive range of powder compaction and characterization services as well as troubleshooting and production support.

The company’s global team of experts in engineering, software development, tableting technologies and formulation can offer advice on all process issues from initial research to full-scale production.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory based at University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments to provide ideal test and demonstration platforms. The company operates ongoing liaison programmes with international universities that specialize in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and food to ensure most up-to-date knowledge on latest trends and innovations.

Having built up a respected profile in supplying pharma, food and other industries, MEDELPHARM has recently widened its marketing efforts to the cosmetics and metal powder and catalyst markets.

About Health & Food Days

Health & Food Days was created in 1995 by La Rochelle’s Agri-food CRITT. Since its creations Health & Food Days and grown internationally and has become a benchmark for those in the food and agriculture industry and is the most important European business convention in its field.

The 10th session of the Health & Food Days event will take place in La Rochelle France on 18th& 19th June.

Media Contact

Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director, MEDELPHARM S.A.S.
Tel: +33 478 9762 13


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