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Medelpharm shares advanced tableting insights at SE Asian events

news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
August 4th 2016

Beynost, France: – This is Far East Month for tablet press and powder compaction specialists Medelpharm, who will share tableting and small scale simulation insights at scientific seminars in Singapore and Indonesia.

The first of these is the Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar (PTS) at Singapore’s GEA National University of Singapore (NUS), a three-day conference opening July 14.

Roller compaction insights

Medelpharm’s President, Dr. Bruno Villa, was scheduled to make two keynote presentations. The first, on Day One, explores ‘Roller compaction simulation as the next step in small scale development’ explaining why current trends in pharmaceutical R&D have made capability to model full scale tableting production at laboratory scale more important than ever before.

The following day (July 15), Dr. Villa was scheduled to address the conference on the growing role of the compression simulator as an essential tool in tablet development.

Medelpharm has assumed a leading role in R&D Presses with roll compaction and rotary press simulation, largely thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of its STYL’One family of machines with analytical software than can accurately map the critical production parameters for high-speed industrial scale production with comparatively tiny inputs of material at the pilot stage.

PTS Indonesia

After the Singapore event ends on July 16, Dr. Villa will fly on to Surabaya, Indonesia, for the two-day Pharmaceutical Technology conference at the Harris Hotel and Convention Center.

Again, Dr. Villa will give two keynotes, both on the second day (July 19). These will deal with Basics in Tableting: From R&D to Production’ and ‘Compression simulator – Essential R&D tool in tablet development’.

STYL’One training

Dr. Villa’s insights will have particular resonance at NUS Singapore, which is due to receive its own STYL’One Evolution Tableting instrument in October as a platform for research studies and tablet production training courses. Dr. Paul Heng, an eminent authority on dry granulation and powder compaction technologies, heads the NUS research project.

Dr., Villa and Dr. Heng have been collaborators since they met at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) summit in San Antonio, Texas, in 2013.

About Medelpharm

Medelpharm, founded in 1985 and headquartered near Lyon in southeastern France, are specialist designer, developers and manufacturers of innovative solutions for R&D Tablet Presses and powder characterization services.

Medelpharm manufactures unique R&D laboratory tablet presses designed with style.

The MEDELPHARM Family, which has more than 100 presses running in 4 continents, includes:

  • STYLCAM Mechanical Rotary Press Simulator, the first Medelpharm patented machine, which has been running for 15 years
  • STYL’One Classic, the world fastest multilayer development press
  • STYL’One Evolution, the latest servo-mechanical compaction simulator

All presses are equipped with ANALIS, a proprietary data acquisition, control-and reporting system that incorporates multilayer, tab in tab functions as well as GMP-, production and automated research functions.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of Powder Compaction and Characterization Services in its laboratory within Lyon University, along with valuable troubleshooting and ongoing support services focused on reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and uncertainties in development while increasing production efficiency, regardless of final application.

Medelpharm’s R&D Presses are distributed and serviced world-wide with the exception of France and world-wide universities by Romaco Kilian, Germany.

Media Contact

Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director, MEDELPHARM S.A.S.
Tel: +33 478 9762 13


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