MEDELPHARM now Represents Kilian-Tableting GmbH in France

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MEDELPHARM now Represents Kilian-Tableting GmbH in France


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Supplier Press Release: MEDELPHARM now Represents Kilian-Tableting GmbH in France
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FEBRUARY 05, 2014

MEDELPHARM now Represents Kilian-Tableting GmbH in France

Beynost, France: – Research-based tablet press manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM S.A.S. have become exclusive sales agents in France for established German tablet press provider Kilian Tableting GmbH (Kilian), now part of the international Romaco Group.

In early December, the two companies signed an Agent Contract for Kilian presses for pharmaceutical and other applications in France that allows MEDELPHARM to sell Kilian production machines exclusively in France.

The agreement means MEDELPHARM can now add the highly respected Kilian Synthesis line, S250 Smart, and other rotary tablet presses to its range of high-speed quality laboratory tablet presses.

The latest agreement reinforces the existing partnership for Kilian’s distribution of MEDELPHARM’s own R&D presses world-wide, which has been in place since 2010.

Régis Cazes, Sales Director France at Medelpharm comments the partnership with Kilian Tableting as a natural extension of the existing synergetic cooperation.

“We are proud to represent Kilian Tableting on the French market. Kilian is an inevitable player in the global field of tablet presses and complements perfectly Medelpharm’s renowned expertise in solid dosage in the pharmaceutical and food market. The sales perspectives are extremely promising.”

Links with Romaco
The agreement is a consequence of Germany’s Romaco group’s acquisition of Killian Tablet Press business, a 13-year-old stake previously owned by the Italian-based IMA Group.

Commenting on the purchase, Paulo Alexandre, CEO of the Romaco Group, declared: “Kilian possesses leading-edge tablet press technology and a strong worldwide reputation in a key area of pharma and food processing. Pharma and food markets are showing stable growth with faster expansion in emerging countries. The acquisition of Kilian will amplify Romaco Group’s equipment and service portfolio considerably and ideally supports our growth strategy.”

MEDELPHARM, headquartered in Lyon, France, is a specialist manufacturer of R&D Tablet Presses that provides innovative solutions in powder compaction simulation and tableting. MEDELPHARM machinery is capable of characterizing, developing and processing almost any compressible substance.

In addition to laboratory tablet presses, MEDELPHARM also offers a comprehensive range of powder compaction and characterization Services as well as troubleshooting and production support.

The company’s global team of experts in engineering, software development, tableting technologies and formulation can offer advice on all process issues from initial research to full-scale production.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory based at University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments to provide ideal test and demonstration platforms. The company operates ongoing liaison programmes with international universities that specialize in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and food to ensure most up-to-date knowledge on latest trends and innovations.

Having built up a respected profile in supplying pharma, food and other industries, MEDELPHARM has recently widened its marketing efforts to the cosmetics and metal powder and catalyst markets.

About Kilian
Fritz Kilian established Kilian in Berlin as a family-run business in 1875, since when it has established a global reputation as a leading provider of high quality tablet presses. The first Kilian presses were made in 1918 and in the late 1940’s the company moved to Cologne, where it is still headquartered.

More than 3,000 Kilian tablet production systems are operating in some 100 countries worldwide. Kilian owns many patents for the production of tablets for various industries that include pharmaceutical and healthcare, food industry (stock cubes, additive drops, sweeteners, etc.), FMCG (dishwasher tablets, salt), and automotive industry for airbag cartridges and other applications.

Kilian’s range of rotary tablet presses includes high-speed turret operated machines, high performance tablet presses with integrated wetting system and high capacity production-oriented turret tablet presses. The company also manufactures single stroke laboratory tablet press machines for R&D and scale-up applications.

Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director
Tel: +33 478 9762 13

For more information about MEDELPHARM representing Kilian-Tableting in France, please contact MEDELPHARM directly.

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