MEDELPHARM highlights strategic transition

MEDELPHARM highlights strategic transition


Press Release | MEDELPHARM S.A.S

MAY 28, 2015

Beynost, France: – Powder compaction specialist MEDELPHARM says that recent changes to its product and service line have set the seal on the company’s strategic transition from R&D Tablet Press manufacturer to full-service solutions provider.

These changes include enhancing MEDELPHARM’s range of powder characterization services, advanced data acquisition and control software, along with troubleshooting and process optimization consultancy.

Added value services

“These added value services all contributes to achieve our overall vision of helping customers realize their long-term targets of reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and increasing production efficiency, no matter what final applications they are using,” said MEDELPHARM’s International Sales & Business Development Director, Ingrid Coyle.

“Over the past few years, we have accumulated a global team of highly skilled professionals who are experts in the fields of engineering, software development, tableting technologies and formulation. These teams are on hand to offer continuing support to help with any issues that may arise along the way from early research to production,” explained Ms. Coyle.

Academic and research growth

MEDELPHARM’s transition is also demonstrated in the growth of its academic partnerships. The company has long maintained its own research laboratory based in the heart of the University of Lyon. Equipped with the latest technology and instruments, the lab has provided MEDELPHARM with an ideal test and demonstration platform.

However, over the past five years, MEDELPHARM has cultivated knowledge-sharing partnerships with a global network of universities and research centers. These include:

Université Claude Bernard Faculty of Pharmacy Lyon, France
School of Pharmacy of Chatenay-Malabry Paris, France
University of Bordeaux France
Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn Germany
TU Braunschweig, Institut für Partikeltechnik Germany
Solids Development GmbH Germany
University of Basel, Suisse, Pharmaceutical Technology
Research Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering Graz, Austria
School of Pharmacy and Bio-molecular Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University UK
Research Professor Faculty of Pharmacy at Near East University of Northern Cyprus
Near East University of Northern Cyprus
Università Degli Studi di PARMA Departimento Farmaceutico Parma, Italy

“We continually exchange information about pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and nutrition with our academic partners worldwide to ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge about the latest trends and innovations,” said Ms. Coyle.

Evolving focus

MEDELPHARM’S strategic focus has radically evolved since the company was founded in 1938 as a machining workshop in Bourg en Bresse, in southeast France. MEDELPHARM’s initial success was based on mastery of industrial tablet presses and special tooling for the pharmaceutical industry. This in-depth knowledge brought the first patent of the STYLCAM, the first mechanical simulator of rotary presses.

However, in 2006, MEDELPHARM began its breakaway from the purely mechanical engineering sector towards a more pharmaceutical centered business, accelerated by its merger with powder compression specialist OPTITAB.

This has allowed MEDLEPHARM to add a suite of services based on expertise, including powder analysis and characterization, theoretical and hand-on training on tablet presses and tools, production design and troubleshooting and process optimization.

Best in class

At the same time, MEDELPHARM’s own range of tablet Presses have evolved from the trailblazing STYLCAM, the world’s first mechanical rotary press simulator, to a range of advanced R&D platforms that combine patented technologies with advanced software to form all-inclusive solutions. These include the versatile and affordable STYL’ONE Classic multi-layer development press for automated research small preclinical batches and STYL’ONE Evolution, a servo-electric compaction simulator for early formulation characterization of APIs to high-speed multi-layered formulation scale-up.
The capabilities of both systems are enhanced by MEDELPHARM’s suite of ANALIS analytical software packages for R&D and production.

MEDELPHARM has also based an all-inclusive offer on becoming a European agent and distributor for industry-leading equipment from all over the world. Partners include the Japanese Advantest THz non-destructive measuring solutions; Fitzpatrick Size Reduction and Roller Compactors, O’Hara Continuous Coaters, QUADRO Milling and Sifting solutions, RIVA tablet presses, Romaco Kilian Production Presses and XPLore Micro Extruders for Hot Melt Extrusion.

Powder compression innovators

Ingrid Coyle says MEDELPHARM’s corporate philosophy is based on the continuous search for innovation in powder compression linked with customer intimacy and a sustained striving for excellence.

“After over 70 years of deep-rooted passion for high precision engineering, MEDELPHARM now puts the design and development of R&D tablet presses and tableting technologies in the focus of its operations,” she says.

“Although we are justly renowned for our pharmaceutical expertise, our solutions also have important applications in other industries, including food processing and nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, cosmetics and FMCG,” she pointed out.

“In all these sectors, our equipment and services play key roles in helping clients achieve their long-term targets of smoother translation from research to production while reducing manufacturing cost and increasing production efficiency,” said Ms. Coyle.

About MedelPharm

MEDELPHARM, headquartered near Lyon in southeastern France, are specialist developers and manufacturers of innovative solutions for R&D Tablet Presses and powder characterization services.

MEDELPHARM manufactures innovative R&D laboratory tablet presses, such as the STYL’One, the world’s fastest one-sided multilayer development press, the STYLCAM rotary press compaction simulator and STYL’One Evolution, an advanced servo-mechanical compaction simulator. All presses are equipped with ANALIS, a proprietary data acquisition, control- and reporting system that incorporates multilayer, GMP-production and automated research functions.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of Powder Compaction and Characterization Services. It also offers valuable troubleshooting and ongoing support services focused on achieving long-term targets of reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and increasing production efficiency, regardless of final application.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory, co-located with the University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments, represents an ideal test and demonstration platform and allows continual knowledge sharing and research involving universities world-wide.

Strategic merger with powder compression services company OPTITAB in 2008 allowed MEDELPHARM to expand its services, which now include powder analysis and characterization, theoretical and hand-on training on tablet presses and tools, along with process troubleshooting and optimization.

MEDELPHARM are exclusive distributors in France and Francophone countries of Advantest THz non-destructive solutions; Fitzpatrick Size Reduction & Roller Compactors, O’Hara Continuous Coaters, QUADRO Milling & Sifting systems, RIVA tablet presses, Romaco Kilian Production Presses and XPLore Micro Extruders for Hot Melt Extrusion.

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