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    Körber Pharma & Affiliates join to develop LION gateway to advanced manufacturing

    news-releasesKörber Pharma Packaging
    October 16th 2020

    Grabs, Switzerland: –Parenteral packaging and modular solutions offered by toploading specialist Dividella will benefit from the innovative LION Line Management System that it has helped to pioneer for its parent Körber Pharma group.

    With joined forces from Dividella and Systec & Services, both part of Körber Pharma, LION was developed as the digital gateway to advanced manufacturing. It offers a superior ISPE conformant interface management for faster system connections and modular integration with third party platforms.

    The largest and fastest benefits will flow to manufacturers who produce on machines from any of the Medipak Systems family, including Dividella, Seidenader, Traxeed, Fargo and Mediseal, offering standard interfaces and therefore less integration efforts.

    Contract manufacturing applications

    LION, brought on line over the past year, further simplifies the interface management of all these related systems and offers more cost-efficient and flexible production, enabling job-based manufacturing with a wide range of diverse products, frequent product changes, smaller lot sizes, shorter delivery times and fewer technical personnel in production. It also enables easier scale-up and future-proofing by allowing seamless integration of new modules into the production line.

    Körber Pharma offers LION in a variant adapted to smaller companies, with the possibility to scale up with practically no limits, also in terms of functionality. This allows Körber Pharma to cater for the individual needs of smaller companies or contract manufacturers by allowing complex Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to be integrated into production for the first time, replacing paper-driven management systems and enlarging the scope to incorporate new functionalities and technical enhancements.

    Towards Pharma 4.0

    The initial variant of LION is ready to be linked to an MES, providing a future-proofed solution. Companies that have already incorporated MES can also use the line management system to convert from machine control to MES and to support shop floor operations with guided workflows through any browser compatible device or other smart devices such as a Microsoft Hololens©.

    Its modular structure makes LION seamlessly expandable, providing users with functionalities such as a Line Batch Report, OEE calculations, supportive line layout visualizations, a large-scale dashboard and actual machine data such as stop reasons.

    Crucially, LION opens the way for small manufacturers to adopt digitally-based Pharma 4.0 production methodology. Even without integration to other systems or machines, starting  with a standalone solution to digitally support shop floor workflows in the production and extending  the system step by step is possible.

    Körber Pharma LION Product Lead Frederik Thiele, comments:  “The LION Suite with it’s modular design and data centric approach harmonizes all: beginning with standard connectivity, transparency in line and machine information as well as actual support on the shop floor by providing single HMI and guided workflows to operators.

    About Körber Pharma

    Dividella AG, a member of the Korber Medipak Systems Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with specific expertise in packaging requirements for parenteral products. Based in Grabs in the Canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Dividella counts 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients, including the entire top ten.

    For four decades, Dividella has provided innovative and highly effective solutions for secure and flexible handling and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its patented top-loading systems form the basis for solutions that have continually evolved to provide the most up-to-date, patient-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for parenteral packaging.

    Dividella provides complete secondary packaging solutions for medicinal products that can be difficult to stack, such as needles, injector pens, vials and syringes. Its top-loading solution enables product handling with extreme care and safety. Dividella patented feeding systems guarantee that all products are handled with appropriate care while maintaining high output.

    About Systec & Services

    Consulting specialists Systec & Services, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, advise customers in choosing software solutions for effective serialized production and track-and-trace systems in the field of pharmaceutical process security.

    About Korber Medipak Systems

    The Korber Medipak Systems Group unites eight companies with complementary expertise in pharmaceutical packaging and a shared mission to provide integrated system solutions that enhance efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profitability across the entire pharma and biotech value chains.

    Combining Dividella (parenteral packaging), Rondo (packaging) materials & serialization, Fargo (contactless transport), Mediseal (blister and cartoning solutions), Seidenader (inspections systems), Traxeed (track & trace solutions), Werum (IT solutions) and  Systec & Services (serialization), the Korber Medipak Systems Group employs more than 1,800 people at 25 sites with 50 additional Sales & Services partners worldwide.

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    Monomaterial Packaging Machines

    Körber Pharma & Affiliates join to develop LION gateway to advanced manufacturing

    LION Suite provides the LMS bridge between individual manufacturing systems and overall MES, ERP and other advanced management systems

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