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Italvacuum to Exhibit Planex System® the Horizontal Paddle Vacuum Dryer at POWTECH 2013

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April 5th 2013

Italvacuum, the recognised European manufacturer of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries will be attending POWTECH 2013 on 23rd – 25th April at booth 4A-211.

POWTECH 2013 will be held in Nürenberg, Germany at the Exhibition Centre where Italvacuum will exhibit its newly patented Planex System® a horizontal paddle vacuum dryer. The Planex System® a multi product dryer is highly suited to the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Fine Chemicals and Intermediates, designed for vacuum drying of wet powders obtained from centrifuge or filter press.

The ground-breaking Planex System® has been designed with a fixed cylindrical chamber consisting of an eccentric agitator that is able to move both clockwise and anticlockwise. Both movements are independent of each other and have the capability of running at different speeds via frequency converters in order to adapt to the characteristics of the product and process. Having the ability to rotate on its own axis and tangentially to the cylindrical chamber allows for optimal product mixing, continuous renewal of the surface mass exposed to evaporation and covers the volume of the vessel. This method facilitates the release of solvent vapours and significantly reduces drying times in comparison to standard systems.

The unique construction of the agitator designed with a diameter that is considerably smaller than the diameter of the drying chamber allows for continuous revolution of the product and also minimises the mechanical and thermal stress on the product compared with traditional paddle dryers that consist of a concentric agitator. This is a friction free system and therefore local overheating resulting from friction is eliminated. The complete unloading operation is made extremely easy due to the reduced gap between the agitator profile and the wall of the drying chamber preventing deposition of the product, after discharge the Planex System® has a minimum product residual, on average less than 1%.

Planex System® has been manufactured in accordance with cGMP and ATEX guidelines and has been FDA approved resulting in a safe and reliable system suitable for operation and maintaining product safety.

Key Features and Benefits:
• High load flexibility, total values ranging from 300 to 4.400 litres
• Dried batch uniformity
• Reduced drying times
• No contamination risk thanks to guaranteed vacuum tightness
• Absolute purity of the dried batch
• Significantly lower electricity consumption in comparison to conventional dryers
• Extremely high final vacuum values (under 0.01 mbar) and very low final moisture values
• Ease of cleaning due to an effective C.I.P system that enables a complete washing of all the parts in contact with the product
• SWAB TEST can be conducted due to the easy dismantling of internal parts
• cGMP partical free construction allowing for easy external cleaning
• Parts are constructed of stainless steel AISI 316L as well as being available in other weldable metals upon request
• Optimised against corrosion

Attendees are invited to visit us at booth 4A-211 and meet the team who will be happy to discuss the Planex System® as well as other services offered by Italvacuum.

About Italvacuum
Thanks to more than 70 years of experience in vacuum process applications, Italvacuum is one of the most well known European manufacturers of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

Italvacuum has developed a wide range of original and patented products, including:

• Paddle vacuum dryers with eccentric agitator with two independent movements, especially suitable for the production of APIs, Fine Chemicals and Intermediates
• Rotary double cone vacuum dryers with two electrical lump-breakers that smash and powder the product under treatment
• Tray vacuum dryers provided with the new C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® Fast Washing System that allows cleaning operations of the drying chamber and inner shelves to be carried out in few minutes
• Rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers particularly suitable for drying, mixing and condensing processes of granulated plastic materials
• Vacuum piston pumps with innovative technical solutions, suitable for the for the main pharmaceutical and chemical processes, such as reaction, drying, distillation and crystallisation

Italvacuum is an ISO 9001 certified company and all our products comply with European Regulations (CE, ATEX, PED) and are FDA and cGMP compliant.

Italvacuum is able to provide turnkey installations and also to realize customized systems that are built according to customer’s process requirements.

We want our customers to be able to follow the installation planning and construction as well as being able to use the plant with our continuous support offered during the years.

For more information or to discuss the Planex System® the Horizontal Paddle Vacuum Dryer at POWTECH 2013 please contact Italvacuum directly.

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