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InPheno Continue to Collaborate and Partner on Successful Projects

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April 9th 2013

Basel-based InPheno AG, the leading drug discovery, research and profiler of antiviral drug candidates is proud to announce that it has been a major contributor to the South African Journal of Botany.

The document in question is entitled: ‘Identification of compounds from plant species Alepidea amatymbica active against HIV’. InPheno has extensive experience and research knowledge in screening natural extracts/products so, it was a logical step for the company’s CEO, Vincent Vidal and Head of Operations, Séverine Louvel to contribute.

This contribution is just the latest instance where InPheno’s greatly respected team has been sought to contribute to a project. InPheno are highly experienced in collaborating with both the private and academic sectors and welcome the opportunity to work with like minded professionals, CEO, Vincent Vidal comments: “ Over the years we have collaborated and partnered on many research projects, the results of which, have gone on to have a real impact.” He continued: “We are open to working with a variety of budgets, our main concern for each collaboration is reaching a successful ending.”

About InPheno
InPheno AG is a front-runner in drug discovery, research and successful profiling of antiviral drug candidates. InPheno AG was founded as a spin-off organisation from the Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Specialising in the fields of virology and oncology InPheno’s scientists possess a wide range of expertise in molecular and cellular assay technology alongside considerable knowledge in the development of modern therapeutics.

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