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IBR Partners with DualsystemsBiotech to Develop CaptiRec Technology

news-releasesIBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research
December 20th 2013

Matzingen, Switzerland: – Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research (IBR Inc.) has announced it will collaborate with another Swiss laboratory, DualsystemsBiotech AG (Dualsystems), to develop CaptiRec Triceps/Ligand Receptor Capture Technology. This technology is used to identify the Cell Membrane Receptors on Living Cells.

The partnership will combine the respective strengths of IBR, a GLP-compliant contract research organization specializing in cell-based assays and Dualsystems, a leading service provider for protein interaction at the cell membrane.

Dualsystems currently provides the Ligand Receptor Capture (LRC) technology called CaptiRec, licensed from the ETH Zürich where it was developed by Prof. Bernd Wollscheid. The CaptiRec Technology uses Triceps as a tri functional crosslinker molecule to identify N-glycosylated cell membrane receptors of peptides, proteins, antibodies and viruses. The LC-MS/MS based analysis is the only technique recorded worldwide as identifying the receptors on the living cells.

Validated Results
Dualsystems and IBR Inc. are now working together on the new CaptiRec (LRC/Triceps) Technology. IBR’s experienced cell-based assay specialists have provided the expertise needed to confirm cell line specificity and develop follow up target validation assays.

The first results using a monoclonal antibody on Epstein-Barr virus-lymphoblastoid cell lines (EBV-LCL) have cross-validated the LC-MS/MS method and successfully demonstrated the specificity.

Dr. René Moser, IBR’s CEO and CSO, commented, “With this collaboration our two companies are now able to provide, for the first time, a technique to investigate Ligand Receptor interaction on the living cell.”

Further projects using mouse coronaviruses are already in progress. Dualsystems and IBR Inc. established this combined service to provide customers with the CaptiRec technology that will enable identification of the targets of their ligands on living cells for peptides, antibodies, proteins and viruses (safety level 2).

About IBR
The Swiss GLP-compliant contract research organization Institute for IBR Inc., Biopharmaceutical Research (IBR) was founded in 1998. With a core competence in inflammation research, IBR provides bioanalytical services for preclinical and clinical studies to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The services encompass method development, validation and sample analyses covering drug characterization, mode-of-action, pharmacology and preclinical safety evaluation with a broad panel of bioanalytical and immunological methods, including cell-based assays.

IBR also harnesses its in-depth knowledge of GLP and GMP-compliant test facilities, processes and systems to develop software modules tailored to the needs of quality-managed laboratories.

About Dualsystems
Dualsystems Biotech AG was founded in 2000 in Schlieren, Switzerland as a spin off from the University of Zürich. The company provides proteomics services for industry and academia, specializing in ligand-receptor capture, affinity purification/mass spectrometry analysis of protein complexes and stable cell line generation.

Its technology platforms are directed to the surfaceome and to identify the cell membrane proteins as drug targets. Specialty products CaptiRec (ligand-receptor capture/ Triceps) and CaptiVate(intracellular protein protein interaction especially with the cell membrane) make use of mass spectrometry analysis of protein complexes.

IBR Inc., Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research
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