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France’s MEDELPHARM to Showcase Expanded Portfolio at SIPEC 2013

news-releasesMEDELPHARM S.A.S
September 30th 2013

Orleans, France: – Research-based tablet press manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM will bring an expanded range of highly advanced offerings, including Terahertz Spectrography analysis, to show at the 2013 SIPEC exhibition from October 1.

As a leading company in Region Centre, France’s pharmaceutical cradle, MEDELPHARM has a long association with the SIPEC exhibition. The company, whose roots are in precision engineering, has long been respected for its high quality R&D laboratory tablet presses, particularly the highly successful STYL’One and STYLCAM ranges. MEDELPHARM plans to use SIPEC to showing how its innovative ANALIS software can project the capabilities of these presses into new dimensions for both wet granulation and dry granulation production.

The company is also ramping up its SIPEC presence for 2013 to showcase a whole new range of products for which MEDELPHARM are exclusive distributors in Europe and North Africa. These include:

• Exclusive distribution across France and parts of North Africa of the advanced range of QUADRO milling, sifting, de-lumping and size management product.
• Exclusive distributor in France of the Fitzpatrick process equipment, including the TheFitzMill® Comminutor ‘Hammer Mill’ forcontrolled particle reduction and the Chilsonator® roller-compactor.
• French, Swiss and Belgian distributor of the DSM Xplore Hot Melt Micro-Extruder that provides convenient and efficient screening of pharmaceutical or biomedical products through Solid Dispersion technology.

MEDELPHARM will also be able to exhibit leading-edge Japanese-made Advantest Terahertz Spectrography systems that can be used to perform non-destructive analysis of pharmaceuticals and chemicals without requiring a specially constructed analysis environment. The Advantest’s TAS7500 series is optimized to applications like measurement of pharmaceutical tablet size and composition, liquid and powder composition and coating thickness, using ultra high-precision detection technology with best-in-class sampling performance.

It now seems that potential applications of terahertz spectrography go further still, with recent research in Japan describing how THz time-domain attenuated total reflection (THz TD-ATR) spectroscopy can be used to measure the complex refractive index of a monolayer of adherent cells. The research was carried out by Dr. Keiichiro Shiraga and others at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, using Advantest systems, and nominated for an award by the International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology. The authors say it opens up a wide range of possible applications, for example for rapid cancer diagnosis, and differentiation monitoring of ES cells or iPS cells, by taking into account the significant differences between their complex refractive indexes.

MEDELPHARM’s General Manager, Bruno Villa, said the company’s image was changing fast.

“In the past we’ve been mainly known as a manufacturer of innovative research tablet presses and analytical software,” said M. Villa.

“But that’s very different from where we actually are now. I would say associations with Advantest, and DSM take us way beyond mere engineering into leading-edge technologies.”

“Furthermore, our agencies for Fitzpatrick and QUADRO systems also mean that MEDELPHARM is now a leading player in full-scale production,” Villa added.

Medelpharm will be present with a strong team on Stand 41C15 at SIPEC, who will be able to provide detailed technical advice as well as discounts on systems purchased at the exhibition.

MEDELPHARM, headquartered in Lyon, France, is a specialist manufacturer of R&D Tablet Presses and provide innovative solutions in powder compaction simulation.

In addition to manufacturing tablet presses MEDELPHARM also offer a comprehensive range of Powder Compaction and Characterisation Services as well as Troubleshooting and ongoing support which all contribute to achieving long-term targets of reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and increasing production efficiency, no matter what the final application is.

Its global team of experts in engineering, software development, tabletting technologies and formulation can offer advice on all process issues from initial research to full-scale production.

The MEDELPHARM Laboratory based at University of Lyon is equipped with the latest technology and instruments to provide an ideal test and demonstration platform. The company operates ongoing liaison programmes with international universities that specialises in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and nutrition to ensure most up-to-date knowledge on latest trends and innovations.

A strategic merger with powder compression services company Optitab, created an expanded service range that now includes powder analysis and characterisation, theoretical and hands-on training on tablet presses and tools, production support and optimization for wet and dry granulation, compaction and other processes.

The SIPEC exhibition was first held in 1998 as an event for cosmetics, perfumery, chemistry and pharmaceutical firms based in France’s ‘Région Centre’ and ‘Perfume Valley’, both of which have Orleans at their heart.

Orleans has been a centre of excellence in perfumery and cosmetics since the Middle Ages and today the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries occupy leading positions in the region. France has been the leading medicines producer in the EU since the mid-1990s and around 40 per cent of all French production, around 1.5 billion packs and bottles annually, is sourced from Région Centre.

The 2013 SIPEC exhibition is held between October 1 and October 3 at Orleans’ huge Parc des Expositions alongside three other big shows: SAFI CENTRE for industry, NUKLEA for the nuclear power sector and ULTRAPROPRE for waste management, recycling and anti-pollution companies.

Entrance is free, without invitation. Only pre-registration is required via the SIPEC website.

Ingrid Coyle, International Sales & Business Development Director, MEDELPHARM
Tel: +33 478 9762 13

For more information about MEDELPHARM attending SIPEC, please contact MEDELPHARM directly.


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