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Dividella showcasing NeoTOP monomaterial and modular benefits at CIPM China

news-releasesDividella AG, a Körber Group company
April 8th 2019

Grabs, Switzerland: – Parenteral packaging and automatic cartoner specialist Dividella will present its innovative TOPLoading solutions simultaneously at China’s huge CIPM expo in Beijing.

Dividella will exhibit under the overall banner of Körber Medipak Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. group from a combined stand at Booth 46-2 in Hall W1 of the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

TCO and TCP advantages

Dividella’s display will focus on the capabilities of it modular NeoTOP platforms to deliver significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and total cost of packaging (TCP) through monomaterial solutions and digital integration, impacting right the way across the packaging and logistics value chains.

Dividella’s stand team will be led Area Sales Director, Ashley Reynolds.

“We have been attending CIPM for at least the past five years and value this event very highly as a superb platform to reach a growing Chinese and Asian customer base,” said Mr. Reynolds.

Modular integration

“We want to emphasize how modular design and engineering can deliver superior value in every aspect of the packaging process, with synergies from each part of the Medipak Systems Group,” he explained.

“We will also show how our monomaterial solutions offer customers advantages for sustainability, flexibility and integration of digital manufacturing systems.” Mr. Reynolds added.

LION interface

Dividella will also show how its systems can benefit from the innovative LION Line Management System (LMS) pioneered by its parent Körber Medipak Systems group to streamline interface management across related systems from Medipak and third-party suppliers to enable more cost-efficient and flexible production.

Opening a digital gateway to advanced manufacturing, LION offers a superior ISPE conformant interface management for faster system connections and modular integration with the largest and fastest benefits flowing to manufacturers who produce on machines from any of the Medipak Systems family, including Dividella, Seidenader, Traxeed, Fargo, Mediseal , Rondo and Werum.

LION will enable job-based manufacturing with a wide range of diverse products, frequent product changes, smaller lot sizes, shorter delivery times and fewer technical personnel in production, along with easier scale-up and future-proofing by allowing seamless integration of new modules into the production line and adoption of a full Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to replace local machine control.

Crucially, LION opens the way for even small manufacturers to adopt digitally-based Pharma 4.0 production methodology.

The Dividella team at CIPM will be led by Area Sales Director Ashley Reynolds, who commented: “It is a great pleasure to be returning to this exciting and very high quality event that we have consistently supported for the past two decades.”

“With our new emphasis on modularity, monomaterials packaging and the potential of LION, Dividella will have one of the most advanced and exciting offers of any pharmaceutical packaging specialist,” Mr. Hammer declared.

About Dividella

Dividella AG, a member of the Korber Medipak Systems Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with specific expertise in packaging requirements for parenteral products. Based in Grabs in the Canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Dividella counts 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients, including the entire top ten.

For four decades, Dividella has provided innovative and highly effective solutions for secure and flexible handling and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its patented top-loading systems form the basis for solutions that have continually evolved to provide the most up-to-date, patient-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for parenteral packaging.

Dividella provides complete secondary packaging solutions for medicinal products that can be difficult to stack, such as needles, injector pens, vials and syringes. Its top-loading solution enables product handling with extreme care and safety. Dividella patented feeding systems guarantee that all products are handled with appropriate care while maintaining high output.

About CIPM Spring 2019

The China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM) can claim to be the largest pharmaceutical machinery industry show in the world, with some 1,200 exhibitors and more than 60,000 people likely to attend.

The expo is organized by the China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and co-organized by the municipal government of Beijing where the exhibition is held twice a year at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

CIPM Spring 2019 is a three day event opening April 17 and will feature a 140,000 square meter exhibition over three halls and more than 50 forums & seminars.

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