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Dividella AG

Swiss-based Manufacturing Organization Dividella AG develops and produces pharma packaging solutions and systems for the secondary packaging.

Dividella provides a wide range of solutions for handling, loading and packing parenteral products, including vials, ampoules, syringes, pens, inhalers, medical devices and combination packs, to pharma and biotech companies, including most of the world’s Top 30 life sciences and healthcare companies.

Dividella implements a customer-orientated service, with a top priority to discover the optimal packaging solution for any client. A suitable machine is chosen from the range, decided by production volume and batch size. All NeoTOP styles of packaging can be produced on Dividella’s flexible and adaptable packaging systems, whether for clinical trials or establishing a market presence or full product launches; when packaging high volumes of low count packs the NeoTRAY concept is the best fit.

The packaging systems are designed with high attention to detail. Each machine is accurate and optimised for various load sizes. The NeoTOP x handles small to medium-sized lots, whereas the NeoTOP 804 and 1604 are designed for medium to large-sized lots and the NeoTRAY for high output and large lots.

Dividella’s machines are modular, meaning increased flexibility. An almost unlimited number of packaging can be processed, whether the pharmaceutical product to be packed is inclusive of a blister, de-nester, thermoformer, or magazine.

Customers also benefit from Dividella’s extensive engineering support, working in partnership with clients to identify and develop optimized solutions for the safe packaging of sensitive products. Dividella’s process is guided by the supreme goal of minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) and total cost of package (TCP) through the use of mono materials, optimized pack sizes for cold chain and simplicity for the end user.

Dividella has 40 years of experience in packaging and development of TOPLoading cartoning systems that feature world-class modularity and sustainability; designed and engineered to be environmentally friendly.

Dividella’s feeding systems are engineered to ensure sensitive and fragile products are handled with care while maintaining high flow rates.

Dividella, located in St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, is a member of the Körber Medipak Systems Group, which unites seven internationally successful enterprises in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the USA , Brazil and China, to form a reliable ‘one stop shop’ for software, materials, machinery and technologies involved in the production, inspection and packaging of pharmaceutical products. These include pharma manufacturing execution systems, cartons, packaging and inspection machinery and medicinal traceability solutions.

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