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    C-realize Agile Software Development & Testing

    news-releasesC-realize IT Services SRL
    July 5th 2023

    Cluj, Romania: –pharma industry partner IT specialist C-realize has rolled out its Agile Software and Development Service that applies latest methodologies and tools while maintaining control to meet high quality standards and compliance with regulations.

    The service applies software development lifecycle methodologies using a combination of tools that allow C-realize to continuously and consistently deliver. Testing and validation is automated and integrated with the development process to meet quality standards and comply with regulations.

    Meeting industry needs

    The need for agile software development has markedly increased in the face of fast-paced innovation and growing tension between technological advancement versus regulatory requirements.

    C-realize develops software following an agile and controlled software development lifecycle based on industry best practices and regulatory standards. It specializes in Microsoft and open source technologies that easily integrate with Office365, SharePoint, Azure, Dynamics, Power BI and other popular pharmaceutical industry applications.

    Meeting industry needs

    The new service draws on C-realize founder and CEO Hao Wang’s more than 15 years’  experience in computer systems validation and regulatory compliance in the pharma industry.

    Mr. Wang commented: “We believe that our clients in the pharma industry will find this service highly attractive in being able to deliver fully validated and regulatory compliant IT support for products and core processes as they seek to increase competitiveness through digitalization.”

    “It delivers on the promise of a one-stop solution that is competitively  priced,  cost efficient, and quality driven with a focus on added value through reliable support,” he added.

    About C-realize

    Based in Cluj as part of Southeastern Europe’s thriving IT tech cluster, C-realize IT Services is dedicated to enabling life science companies digitalize and streamline their business and quality processes through IT integration with the cloud while maintaining compliance with regulations.

    It can construct digital quality management systems that are cloud-native, as well as provide computer systems validation and IT infrastructure qualification for FDA Part11, EMA Annex11, and other regulatory compliance.

    The C-realize portfolio of products and services are focused on the specific business and regulatory demands of pharma, biotech and medical device markets, including patient safety, product quality and data integrity.

    Its core capabilities are in quality-driven agile and lean software design, development and testing, along with computer systems validation, secure cloud computing services and other regulatory compliance solutions tailored for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices. These abilities are harnessed to offer four main service streams.

    Over the years since its founding, C-realize has experienced rapid and continuous growth, assisted by its advantages in providing fast response, single point of contact and deep experience in computerized systems validation and compliance for the life science industry.

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    C-realize provide help and support for all your Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices needs in software development, cloud computing services and regulatory compliance advice and solutions, to learn more please book in a Introductory Consultation Session.

    C-realize Agile Software Development & Testing

    C-realize is able to develop and test software at speed following an agile and controlled software development lifecycle based on industry best practices and regulatory standards.

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