B Medical Systems’ White Paper: Greening Up Your Laboratory

white-paperB Medical Systems
May 5th 2021

B Medical Systems, the Luxembourg-based pioneering manufacturer of medical devices, has released a White Paper that presents advice on more sustainable use of ultra-low temperature (ULT), which are among the most energy-intensive equipment found in any clinic or laboratory.

B Medical Systems’ White Paper Greening up your Laboratory: Sustainable Practices for Using Ultra-Low Freezers highlights best practices in using ultra-low freezers sustainably, and details about how B Medical Systems’ ultra-low freezers can help users conduct energy-efficient operations and reduce CO2 emissions, thereby increasing sustainability with greener operations.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The paper covers a number of topics, including:

  • Using energy-efficient ultra-low freezers for lowest energy consumption
  • Effect of changing the set point temperature
  • Use of natural refrigerants
  • Extra tips for most efficient day-to-day use.

The paper also presents a sample scenario analysis of emissions that can be saved by using B Medical Systems’ ULT freezers. With ten ultra-low freezers, the combined effect of superior technology and adjusting set point from -80oC to -70oC could save 6.13 kWh/day (223,765 kWh over ten years. This would reduce greenhouse emissions over the period by 158 MtCO2, the equivalent of a fleet of 31 cars or burning almost 173,000 tonnes of coal).