B Medical Systems receives the Energy Star Certification for its Refrigerators and Freezers

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August 2nd 2021

Vaccine cold chain and medical refrigeration specialist B Medical Systems has received the Energy Star certification for a range of its products.

B Medical Systems’ 115V 60Hz blood refrigeratorspharmacy refrigeratorslaboratory freezers, and ultra-low freezer premium models have received the Energy Star certification granted by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The certification confirms the products’ sustainability and recognises the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Current models that have at least one version of the Energy Star certification are the U701, U901, B401, B501, B701, B901, F400, F500, F700, F900, F401, F501, F701, F901, P400, P500, P700, and the P900.

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, said: “We always strive to create sustainable products, something that in the medical refrigeration industry can be very difficult considering that medical cooling equipment generally utilises a significant amount of energy. Indeed, ultra-low freezers are renowned to be some of the most energy-intensive equipment in a laboratory. These models can consume approximately 16 to 22 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day, which is around as much energy as an average family household. This can also be translated to around 100 tons of CO2 produced over the freezer’s life. It is therefore imperative that such products must be energy efficient.

“Refrigerants are another leading source of CO2 emissions when using refrigerating solutions – many of them used are known for their significant Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP). To create eco-friendly products, we employ advanced technology to make use of innovative cooling systems working with green gases which, while having zero or minimal GWP and ODP, provide the best cooling performance possible. We’ll continue to innovate to create more sustainable products and to find new ways to reduce the CO2 footprint of our products.

“Being able to create medical refrigerators and freezers which can contribute to the fight against climate change is truly a feat of great engineering for which everyone at B Medical Systems is extremely proud.”

B Medical Systems’ active medical refrigeration solutions all use green gases to achieve effective results, allowing customers to employ life-saving refrigeration solutions to maintain vaccines, medicines, and samples at their correct temperatures, while keeping their energy consumption and carbon footprint low.

Since 2014, The Energy Star label, supported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been recognised by 90% of the US population as an important brand symbolising a company’s commitment to ensure a more energy-efficient future through its products and activities. Over the past 20 years, Energy Star labelled products have contributed to $360 billion in utility bills savings and to the prevention of more than 2.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

About B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems S.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based manufacturer and global distributor of certified medical devices with more than 40 years of experience.

As a market leader in the vaccine cold chain industry, B Medical Systems contributes to the success of immunization programs across the world with a portfolio that includes Ultra-Low Freezers, Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators, Ice Lined Refrigerators and Transport Boxes.

The company also produces a complete range of high-end Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management solutions including the laboratory refrigerators/freezers, ultra-low freezers, blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers, contact shock freezers and transport boxes to meet the medical refrigeration and transportation needs of blood banks, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

B Medical Systems – Saving lives through reliable and innovative technology

Further information at: www.bmedicalsystems.com


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B Medical Systems receives the Energy Star Certification for its Refrigerators and Freezers
B Medical Systems receives the Energy Star Certification for its Refrigerators and Freezers