B Medical Systems technical briefing on the energy efficiency of ultra-low temperature freezers

white-paperB Medical Systems
October 9th 2020

Rising electricity costs, escalating regulation, and growing environmental concerns have led laboratories worldwide to focus on the energy efficiency of their medical refrigeration products.

UltraLow Temperature (ULT) Freezers are one of  the most energy-intensive pieces of laboratory equipment. It is estimated that an average 25-cubic foot ULT unit uses approximately 20 kWh of energy per day –as much as a small house.

To meet these concerns, the medical refrigeration technology pioneer B Medical Systems has prepared a technical briefing on its new range of Ultra-Low Freezers, designed to deliver superior energy efficiency without compromising the security of the samples stored.

Based on tests carried out at the B Medical Systems R&D laboratory in Luxembourg, the white paper explains how superior energy efficiency has been achieved through a combination of key factors, including the reduction of frost, the use of natural gas refrigerants R170 and R290, double inner doors and superior polyurethane insulation and silicon gaskets.

The paper shows how a B Medical Systems’ ULT Freezer can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% over its expected ten-year lifespan, saving as much as 5.6 tonnes of CO2 equivalents from entering the atmosphere, in comparison to conventional ultra low freezer models available in the markets.