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    Aurena enters new collaboration with Emollivet for animal care sprays products

    news-releasesAurena Laboratories
    April 20th 2022

    Karlstad, Sweden: – Aurena Laboratories AB (Aurena) has entered a collaboration with Swedish start-up Emollivet to become their manufacturing partner of its innovative animal health products based on Lipidor AKVANO® technology in spray form.

    Aurena will be Emollivet’s principal production partner and will also be ready to support the young company with other services.

    Animal care expansion

    Aurena’s business has so far been centered in human health but the company has long wanted to expand in to animal care.

    “We have long seen opportunities in animal care to apply our expertise in sprayable medical products,” explained Aurena co-founder and Director of Business Development, Magnus Hedman.

    “This new collaboration can both help Emollivet be more successful and also expand Aurena’s presence in the animal healthcare sector,” commented Mr. Hedman.

    Marketing support

    “Emollivet has great potential to succeed in their venture as they have a very strong product pipeline and have acquired the necessary expertise in their organization,” he noted.

    Initial commercialization of Emollivet’s products will be in Scandinavia, but the company’s ambition is to develop into a successful international force in the animal care industry.

    Aurena’s extensive network of customers and distributors around the world can assist Emollivet in realizing its international ambitions. Both companies are welcoming partnership or product distribution inquiries from anywhere in the world, even though the market launch is now narrowed down to Sweden as the first market in 2022.

    Development pipeline

    “The pet owner in the center of product development” said Stina Linge, CEO of Emollivet. “With Aurena as a manufacturing partner we can accelerate our development pipeline that includes a series of pet skin products, which is both large and increasing globally. The first launch is for horse industry and we see a possibility in the market for dogs” she continued.

    Magnus Hedman added: “It’s a natural development step for Aurena to announce this exciting partnership with Emollivet. We know the Lipidor AKVANO® technology platform for lipid-based drug delivery and it fits perfectly with the packaging technologies that we can offer. ”

    COMBI spray for EPD in horses

    Emollivet also has a strong pipeline of products, headed by the equine dermatitis treatment COMBI which will now be marketed as a spray, using patented Aurena Bag-On-Valve (BoV) technology.

    Emollivet COMBI is designed to save horse owners save time and effort in their care of animals suffering from Equine Pastern Dermatitis (EPD), a series of syndromes affecting on the pastern area of the horse that can be caused by abrasions aggravated by moisture, parasites, genetics, light sensitivity, or allergies. Left untreated, EPD can develop into lymphangitis, leading to hugely swollen legs and lameness.

    The COMBI antiseptic emollient spray will merge three needed effects into one application – softening and loosening of crusts, disinfection, and moisturizing affected skin.

    About Aurena Laboratories

    Swedish-based Aurena Laboratories (Aurena) specializes in the development and manufacturing of products using Bag-on-Valve packaging. The company is a leader in private label products and contract manufacturing of bag on valve aerosols for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

    Their products offer private label seawater/saline-based nasal sprays, wound wash sprays, adhesive removers, emollient sprays, diabetic foot spray and burn gel. Aurena-manufactured products are also brought to market under Private Label or as contract-manufactured products.

    The company complements its internal resources with external expertise and capabilities, including clinical development, product development and commercialisation.

    More information is available at:

    About Emollivet

    Emollivet’s mission is to develop animal care products based on Lipidor’s patented AKVANO® lipid-based formulation platform.

    Investment in the company, including funding from Sweden’s innovation authority Vinnova, has accelerated since Stina Linge was recruited as CEO in autumn 2020. She has extensive experience in building value-based and tech-based startups.

    The Emollivet team’s core competencies focus on customer and end consumer relationships as key competitive advantages. Emollivet is built on a partnership model, where the organization inhouse is created to focus on the key points usability, credibility, and customer relation. Tech and laboratory, R&D and production and is secured through trusted and authorized partners specified for respective assignments.

    Emollivet AB was founded in 2019 by Lipidor AB, a development company with a pipeline of pharmaceutical projects in preclinical and clinical phases which is listed on NASDAQ First North (LIPI). Lipidor is the majority shareholder in Emollivet, with Aurena as a minority stakeholder. The founders of Lipidor AB are actively engaged in the business as advisors and board members.

    More information available at:


    Click on Emollivet launches spray for equestrian pastern dermatitis for further information.


    Your Partner in Bag-On-Valve – Medical Devices

    Aurena enters new collaboration with Emollivet for animal care sprays products

    Emollivet COMBI for EPD in horses marries Lipidor AKVANO® lipid-based drug delivery with Aurena BoV spray technology.

    Aurena enters new collaboration with Emollivet for animal care sprays products


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